BAM mount

ATN Thermal Imaging Has Gone Digital!
The OTS-32D (60Hz) are compact multi-purpose Thermal Imaging systems. They’re built around state of the art uncooled thermal imaging technology, integrated DSP-based electronics and a compact, lightweight construction. These thermal imaging monoculars provide excellent image quality through total darkness, fog, smoke and other visual obstructions. Total darkness, camouflage or bright lights will not affect the sensitivity of these units.
The included and optional accessories make these models remarkably versatile. You can put it on a headset or on a helmet, connect it to another monocular to build a binocular systemor use it as a weapon-mounted scope. The OTS-32D (60Hz) are ideal for Border Patrol Officers, Sport Shooting Enthusiasts, Private Protection, Police SWAT and Special Operations.

BAM mount



$ 399
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