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ATN Extended Life Battery Kit


atn extended life battery kit


  • 10,000 mAh Battery Pack
  • USB to Micro USB w/ L Shape Connector
  • Neck strap with battery holder

Don't let yourself be stuck without a functioning unit, because you didn't bring extra batteries to power your device. ATN Extended Life Battery kit can support your binoculars or monoculars for up to 15 hrs. You can use your devices longer and save money and the environment in the process. Enjoy your activities all day long - whether scouting, camping, bird watching, or surveillance. You can even power your none ATN devices, which are compatible with a micro USB. Designed to be used with the ATN line of Smart HD Optics: BinoX 4K, BinoX 4T, OTS LT and OTS 4T.

Online Manual and User Guide

Seems to be working fine
John j.
rating based on 9 review
Seems to be working fine
Seems to be working fine
John j.
A little heavy but a
A little heavy but a lot of power
Extended battery kit for Binos
For both the ATN night Binos and the extended life battery kit, the included written instructions were sparse. However there are quite a few videos on your website and from other customers on You-Tube that were helpful. Sometimes it’s nice to have them in writing for us older, no computer folks. Just a suggestion. Thanks so much-do enjoy the products!
Robert L.
Great Service
Great Service
William C.
Extended batt. Kit
Arrived in good order packed well. Device works as advertised so far so good. There is the matter here I texted about some items to buy. The guy took my phone number and promised to call me as soon as he was done with customer. He never did. I tried 4x that day. If this is how things are being handled I will be forced like to do as so many other customers. I've read online lots are going to other buisnesses to purchase add on items. Because they can't get you to respond. This is sad to me as I like original equipment. You are losing a lot of customers due to your not responding to their needs. Go on customer site and see how your name is getting tarnished. Hire more people or you will loose many future buyers. So many companies go down not to poor product but poor customer relations. I'd still like info on the items I'd like to buy from you. But I'll be dammed if I'll call n text and be ignored. Just a word of friendly advice. I'd hate to see you go down because of lack of proper customer relations. Remember this is a highly competitive market and to lose due to poor or lack of timely service over great products is a sad way for a great idea to die. Don't say you weren't warned and don't blame this on covid 19 this problem arised long before it came. Sincerly, Donald Gregg
Donald G.
I ended up giving up
I ended up giving up the purchase, but I believe it is an excellent product.
Rafael T.
Battery kit
Perfect fit everything you need to hook up on scope
Javier Z.
ergonomic, long battery use
humberto t.
everything went very smoothly, awesome
everything went very smoothly, awesome !
anthony g.