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The ATN Laserballistics series of rangefinders will change the way you use a rifle. The days of using a rangefinder for range, paper for calculations, and then scope adjustments based on estimations are over. The Laserballistic is a Bluetooth connectable digital rangefinder, connecting to the devices you need to deliver the results you need. You can use it as a standalone, connect it with your phone, and even connect it to your Smart HD Optics devices to deliver results at speeds you can't even imagine.

The rangefinder accomplishes various tasks based on your needs and devices. When connected to a compatible ATN Smart HD Optic device, the rangefinder works at its optimal level. Once you connect it, all you have to do is point at your target and the rangefinder does the rest of the work for you. After it calculates the distance, it will calculate the adjustments your scope needs to make, and then the scope makes the adjustments for you, the days of turning nobs are over.

If you have a traditional scope though, the Laserballistics rangefinder is more than able to help. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to your range finder, via bleutooth, and all the calculations are done for you. Your smartphone will display exactly how much you need to turn each nob, letting your phone and rangefinder do all the heavy lifting for you, and they tell you exactly by how much you need to adjust to hit your target.

The Laserballistics Rangefinder is able to tell the range at targets at over 1500 yards away, more than enough for even the toughest of shots. In addition, it has a battery life of over six months, and is completely waterproof, which means that even under the toughest of circumstances and most difficult of hunts, the Laserballistics rangefinder is able to help you make the shot, every shot.