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Since Night Vision was first introduced in the middle of the last century, Night Vision Monoculars have always found a place as one of the top type of Night Optics. Whether for use by military, law enforcement, hunters, or boaters, ATN corp can offer something to anyone.

Outdoorsman and hunters can use them to stalk their prey while staying totally hidden with no flashlight to reveal their location. With included features like a built in or detachable infra-red illuminator in every ATN Night Vision Monocular device, ATN ensures that your Monocular will work in even the darkest of nights without relying on moonlight.

ATN also provides various Multi-purpose and Tactical Monoculars that are prepared to tackle any situation and any task. Incorporating innovative abilities like easy conversion to a weapon scope or wear it on your head with ATN’s weapon mounting accessories or head/helmet mounting goggle kit(s), these devices are perfect for military and law enforcement and security applications. Some examples of these cutting edge devices include the NVM14 series (NVM14-2, 3, 4) as well as the ATN6015/PVS14.

ATN has the Best Night Vision Monocular for a price that won’t have you running for cover. From the 2nd gen Night Spirit XT-2 perfect for any hunter or boater who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on the occasional night hunt, to the NVM14-2, the best tactical NV Monocular under $2k. Looking for a little more without going all out? Try consider the NVM14-3, the tactical optical device for someone looking for something that offers more range than a 2nd generation monocular, without the price tag of a 4th generation. This 3rd generation monocular has it all. Doubling as a scope or even as goggles, the NVM14-2 or 3 can meet any challenge thrown its way.

ATN is also happy to present White Phosphor Technology optics. WPT removes the signature green tint from normal NV monoculars and instead provides black and white high contrast image. Studies show that Black and white provides clearer shapes, contrast, and shadows, while significantly reducing eye-strain compared to their contemporaries. Examples include the NVM14-WPT and the Night Spirit XT-WPT.

When you need the absolute Best Monocular Device, ATN is proud to offer state of the art Night Vision Monocular 4th generation . With Such Features as Filmless and Gated Technology, as well as the highest resolution and signal-to-noise ratio ever, Gen 4 represents the finest in state of the art Night Vision Technology. Examples include the 6015-4 and the NVM14-4 Devices.