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Smart HD Optics represents the boldest step taken by ATN in its entire history. Continuing ATN’s long standing reputations of quality optics with new 21st century smart technology. For the first time in ATN’s history, ATN is including a high powered computer processor in some of its newest devices, combining tradition and state of the art into ATN’s newest line of devices: “Smart HD Optics”.

Featuring digital binoculars, day/night smart rifle scopes, and gun cameras, this diverse line represents the biggest technological jump ever made by ATN. Representing the most technologically advanced optics devices ever made, they have even more goodies on the inside than they do on the outside.

The “X-Sight” smart scope shows the peak of the creative innovation of the new line. It combines all the typical features of a scope, with digital innovation, from upgrades over traditional scopes to completely new features. For instance, it features a 5-18x zoom scope, which may not seem very special until you consider it has digital smooth zoom, meaning that when you zoom in and out, various sensors in the scope work with its obsidian core to make it a smooth and steady zoom. The digital optics also mean that you can switch between daytime and night vision with the click of a button. It also records everything you watch with micro HDMI, SD, and USB ports while allowing you to stream live video to a computer or mobile phone through wifi.

Featuring GPS geo-tagging and a built in compass, you can track exactly where you hit your animal to come back later, as well as seeing where you were looking at the time. It also features an accelerometer and a gyroscope; combine that with a compass, and you have advanced image stabilization technology, letting your scope function at its best in even the most unforgiving situations.

The BinoX-HD smart binoculars represent the height of binocular technology. These aren’t your grandpa’s old binoculars, these are high tech devices that push the limits of not just binoculars, but optics. Because it is also based on the Obsidian core, it has all the features of the X-sight, but it also has features unique to the BinoX line. An example of one of these unique features is their incredible depth perception, which are due to their digital optics and lens systems.

The Shot Trak takes Smart HD Optics in a completely different direction. The Shot Trak is a finely crafted gun camera, adept at recording extraordinarily high definition video at distances 5x more than a standard action camera. It is extremely durable and is the tiniest full HD tactical camera available on the market.