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Whether for a soldier in combat, or a hog hunter stalking his prey in the middle of woods at night, the most effective and efficient way of carrying out a task is by minimizing the amount of tools and supplies one needs. The best way of achieving such a result is through the use of multi-purpose tools. Multi-purpose tools combine the functions of many tools or devices into one device, like an army knife. Nowhere is a need for such a multi-purpose device than in the night vision environment. ATN's multi-purpose night vision devices combine the functionalities of the monoculars, scopes, and goggles you already know and love, into a powerful device which can fully emulate all of these tools' functionalities.

ATN's multi purpose night vision devices combine the functionality of many of our products into one of the most versatile devices any night vision enthusiast or user could own. These devices can be handheld, just like one would with a dedicated monocular, mounted to head gear, just like one would with dedicated goggles, or attached to a gun, the same as a dedicated night vision scope. Available in every single night vision generation that ATN offers, these powerful machines become more customizable to create a perfect fit for any client for any mission.

Another big plus in using a multipurpose night vision tool is the cost benefit. In using one to act both as a goggle and as a monocular, you don’t have to purchase multiple devices, making this purchase an extra economical one.