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Funniest scope I’ve ever owned
This scope is outstanding. Took it in a hog hunt nothing stopped me. Was able to see all night. During the day I was hunting aoudad and recorded everything so I get to relive the hunt over and over. One of my shots I thought I shot high after slowing down the video I seen the shot placement and the pig drop as it ran that was the only reason I went down to even look for the blood trail. If it was not for that I would of thought I missed. Would totally buy this scope again.
Cody R.
Awesome Scope Affordable Price
This is my first thermal scope. I did a lot of research on all the other brand name thermals and this one fit my basic needs and budget. I have mounted it on 3 different caliber rifles using the quick detach scope mount and it has performed as flawlessly as expected. The largest rifle caliber was a 300 Winchester Magnum. This rifle has a Kahntrol Muzzle Break installed to reduce felt recoil and has not damaged the scope at all. The smallest caliber rifle is a 22 Long Rifle. I installed a dovetail to picatinny adapter and harvested wild rabbits that night. I would like to see future models of this scope include selectable user profiles to make transitions from one weapon to another a seamless operation. Maybe a software update could include this.
Terry S.
Perfect !!
The perfect scope for my rifle. ATN X-Sight II 5-20 on an Oryx chassis Howa 1500 26" 6.5 Creedmoor. Set up was a bit complex, with ballistic data and all, however the results are worth it.
Michael H.
Thor LT 3x6
This is my first thermal scope and I’m very pleased with it so far, I have had no issues what so ever with it. I have had it 2 weeks and have hunted with it twice. I have killed coyotes with it at 182 yards, it has been great so far as an entry thermal scope but can’t really think why I would need any better of a scope.
Marc M.
ATN night vision scopes
This is my second ATN scope and I have been very happy with both of them. I do a lot of night hunting for hogs and these scopes have served me well. I would recommend them to anyone.
Jason S.
Online purchase gone RIGHT
Everything about this product and customer service was delivered as advertised. From product quality, shipping, and performance. The business systems required to deliver all three elements does not come by chance. Thank you ATN.
Aaron N.
Love the quick detach mount
Love the quick detach mount
Corey s.
Absolutely love it!
Absolutely love it!
Brody H.
Very easy to use
I'm not a "techie" and have never owned or used a rangefinder before this purchase. Recently purchasing the X-sight 2 HD 3-14 digital scope, I watched the online videos that suggested pairing the rangefinder and apps for both units to get all the benefits they offer. After reading the Quick Start booklets I was able to easily and comfortably use the rangefinder with the scope.
Dave S.
Very clear pictires and wi-fit connections.
William E.
Wow! Better than I thought they'd be
These thing are great. I had another hand held for spotting yotes at night, but the binox's are much clearer and the video quality is much better also.
byron O.
Great bang for buck. Little bugs here and there
Overall a great value. Better than previous versions. Still some bugs with setup and the app etc but seems to work ok. The mounts seem higher than necessary and kind of cheap, but they’re included so hard to complain too much. Does a good job at night, pretty decent during the day. I love the scroll wheel but it would be useful to make some menu items incorporated into the scroll/zoom wheel as well imo. Happy I bought it, just wish I had waited to see all the deals at other places online which included battery pack etc.
Joey L.
Night vision
I didn't think they worked at first, but I actually watched a YouTube video, and BANG; I could see clearly in the pitch black night!!!! LOVE THEM!
jim t.
I just got home after
I just got home after a trip and have looked at youtube videos and am looking forward to learning how to use the scope. I especially like the fact that you can zero it for several weapons
Kevin M.
First class
ATN products are the very best. Nobody else even comes close.
David D.