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The ATN THOR-HD thermal rifle scope is the first rifle scope to combine the effectiveness and versatility of a thermal weapons system, with the ease of use and adaptability of the Smart-HD optics line of Obsidian core powered smart scopes. The scope uses state of the art ATN thermal technology which allows the user to detect his target at over 2500 meters, with recognition achievable at over a kilometer away.

With so many high end thermal scopes on the market, what sets the THOR series of scopes above the competition? The Obsidian core operating system and analytical software that each THOR thermal scope comes with. The software and application suite allows you to complete functions and analysis you couldn't even dream of with a traditional thermal scope. Among the many advantages that the Smart-HD optics technology adds is the Smart shooting solution, the recoil activated video, and its built in smooth zoom.

The Smart Shooting Solution is a built in ballistics calculator, that elevates the ability of your rifle above all of its competitors. Each THOR-HD come with a built in Smart Range Finder, which allows each scope to calculate the distance to your target with three easy clicks of the scope. But ATN goes above and beyond with a calculator which adjusts your reticle in real time, doing complicated calculations in a blink of an eye.

In addition, the THOR-HD comes with video recording and output capabilities to allow for easy export and analysis of any video. In the heat of the moment, who has time to remember to start recording? Thanks to RAV (recoil activated video) you don't have to. RAV automatically starts recording right before you take your shot, so that you can focus on the perfect shot instead of turning on recording. All recordings come out at a high definition 1280x960.

The THOR-HD Smooth electronic magnification allows you to zoom in and out with total ease, never losing your target, impossible in a traditional scope, and without the jumps and jerkiness of a variable zoom scope. The THOR-HD is among the best values in thermal vision due to the distance it is able to zoom to reaching, available at up to 50x, all without the drawbacks of a traditional variable zoom scope.