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atn X-Sight II HD
Day & Night Rifle Scope
Powered by Obsidian II Core, utilizing HD optics and the first ever HD micro-display turns this Day/Night rifle scope into a true powerhouse.
Starting at $599
atn Thor-HD
Thermal Rifle Scope
Revolutionary Scope at a Ground Breaking Price!
Starting at $1,999
RANGE Finder
Smart Laser Ballistic Calculator at your Fingertips
Starting at $279
ATN binox-hd
smart hd optics
BinoX are the worlds most advanced digital binoculars for the 21st century!
Only $479
atn Thermal BinoX
Thermal Binocular
Revolutionary Thermal Smart Binoculars! All the power of the Obsidian Core with Superb Thermal Image!
Starting at $3,499
atn X-Spotter
Spotting Scope
This Obsidian powered Smart X-Spotter offers capabilities never before seen in a spotting scope.
Only $999

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Smart HD Optics

Time to enter the 21st Century with Optics that take advantage of the latest modern technologies. Our phones today can take videos, calculate our mortgage, and find our location on map anywhere in the world.

Night Vision

Night Vision or I^2 has forever changed the way that we battle our enemies around the world. Now take advantage of the same technology that has given the US military unprecedented capabilities on the battle field.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is the new Technology of Choice! Detection has never been easier then now. Thermal Imaging technology allows you to spot targets at far longer ranges then any tradional night vision ever could.

White Phosphor

Traditional Night Vision brings you your images in vibrant Green hues. However, White Phosphor Technology allows you to see in more natural Grey Tones your eyes are used to.

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