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ATN has redefined elite thermal optics yet again, with their newest iteration of thermal vision binoculars, the BinoX-THD thermal binoculars. These binoculars revolutionize what thermal binoculars are capable above, and leave all competition in the dust. These are the perfect binoculars for whatever task , and whatever your mission. These are the perfect binoculars for late night scouting, pitch black spotting and hunting, and for every single surveillance need.

When it comes to scouting, spotting and hunting, the most important things for your scope to have are your detection distance, and seeing what it is, clearly. These thermal imaging binoculars excel in both of these categories, being able to detect at distances reaching 1500 meters, perfect for late night scouting and spotting, and even bird watching. Beyond that, these are perfect for hog, and any other kinds of night hunting, with a high definition 960x540x2 capable of displaying things in crystal clear quality.

They are also great for surveillance, due to the above mentioned detection range and display resolution, as well as many of the great built in analytical functions and apps, and the various forms of video and audio output in order to review the data later or in another setting. In addition to wired standard video output, the BinoX-THD also features a micro-sd slot for easy saving, as well as Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, and seamless integration with mobile devices, like androids and iPphones for easy on the go output. It also features the standard Smart-HD Optics array of apps and functions in order to upgrade your thermal experience, such as a smooth zoom, gyroscope and e-compass, and a GPS and altimeter.

In addition, the BinoX-THD is built with you, the consumer in mind, making sure that the device is easy and comfortable to use, incorporating the best of the Smart-HD optics advanced technology, as well as industry leading ergonomic design, making it the easiest and most comfortable device to use.