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The ATN BinoX-HD smart day and night vision binoculars leave all of their competitors in its dust. It combines state of the art digital technology with the time tested and ergonomic form factor of binoculars. The BinoX-HD digital binoculars allow you to do and achieve tasks that normal or traditional binoculars could never even dream of achieving. All of this success lies in the durable and elite optic technology that ATN incorporates into the digital binoculars with camera, as well as the cutting edge Obsidian Core running at over a billion cycles per second, and Obsidian user interface which allows for an incredibly high definition and vibrant display, while also incorporating an entire application suite.

The suite allows these digital hunting Binoculars to do things that regular hunting binoculars cant. For instance, the BinoX-HD are image stabilized binoculars, which allows your view to be smooth and clear even at very long distance viewing, where a normal birding binoculars with Camera would be jerking and moving. This is powered by the Obsidian Core. It also powers the rest of what makes these binoculars unique, like it's 1080P High definition digital sensor, or its ability to smooth-zoom with great clarity to up to 16x magnification levels, all of this possible in standard day vision, or even in its night vision mode!

The BinoX-HD also features a variety of ways to import and export information, making it the most connected digital bird watching binoculars on the market. It features a variety of ways to export your recordings, from a Micro-SD card slot (for easy video recording) to a Micro-USB port and a WiFi module so that you can live stream all your recordings to iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as even computers.

Beyond having features that keep you connected to your devices, the BinoX-HD features a variety of sensors and applications to keep you connected to your environment and to your surroundings. It features a built in E-compass and altimeter so that pinpointing your location is always easy, and to make sure you won't get lost, and it's 8 hours of battery life will ensure that it is always there when you need it. In addition, it is waterproof and weatherproof, and has GPS built in, so you can geotag any spot, anywhere. Whatever your tasks are, the BinoX-HD are tough enough, and smart enough, to accomplish them.