Going on a hike? Going to the ball game? Spotting for a friend? Scouting? ATN’s newest product might be able to help. The next big step in ATN’s famous binocular line, the BinoXS-HD Best digital binoculars with camera. But these aren’t some old pair of binoculars, no, they’re not even a pair from any of ATN’s high quality night vision lines, these are completely unique, featuring more innovative features than any other line of ATN products.

One of the most obvious differences between these high powered binoculars and any other old pair is these are also camera binoculars, featuring a crystal clear camera that records everything you see through the lenses. What makes this possible is the inclusion of Micro SD, USB, and HDMI ports on the side of the BinoXS, which allows for recording as well as live Video output.

Another Great feature of the BinoX’s is that they are Image stabilized binoculars. By using the built in gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass, the obsidian core is able to process the information from all of these sensors to adjust the image displayed to you, and stabilize it. Image stabilization, be it on a camera, binoculars, or any other device, tends to be extremely expensive, but ATN is proud to bring it to you at a price much cheaper than others.

Running at a billion cycles per second, the obsidian core is what powers the best binoculars available. Able to process what you’re looking at, at lightning speed, the core also allows for a number of other features traditional binoculars wouldn’t have. For instance, it features geo tagging and gps, letting you document your hike, your hunt, or whatever else you are doing with them, as well as WiFi for wireless streaming to a TV, and free software updates from ATN as new apps and firmware updates come along.

In addition to all of these great features, BinoX’s also feature a night vision feature which allows you to see at night much the same way you would out of our standard digital night vision hunting binoculars. Reaching up to 16x zoom also make them perfect binoculars for bird watching, allowing you to zoom in to see every single feather on a bird. The incredible feature about the 16x zoom, is that unlike traditional binoculars, using digital technology, this scope is able to zoom in and out, a feature new and unique to binoculars.

Featuring the brand new UI “Obsidian,” the BinoX will be totally unique from other digital binoculars. The custom OS allows for endless customization and personalization like you might get on a smart phone, but with a much simpler and much more intuitive platform or format.