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Night Vision technology has revolutionized the way that people work in the dark. Different Night Vision devices have made tasks that were previously quite difficult in the dark, such as security or hunting, significantly easier to perform than at any point in history. As night vision evolved, so has NV technology, ranging from the budget Gen-1, all the way to the state of the art Gen-4, and the newly enhanced Digital Night Vision category.

What is the difference between types of Night Vision, and what are the pros and cons of each? Generation 1 NV devices tend to be easy to use, and more affordable, while still providing a bright and sharp image with incredibly high quality materials. Gen-2 adds a microhannel plate into the device, allowing the image to appear brighter and sharper. Gen-3 adds in several parts into the device to both increase sharpness and brightness of the image, while also increasing the lifespan of the device. Gen-4 represents the highest possible level of Night Vision Technologies on the market, and are full of some of the most high tech features, including a tripled resolution compared to earlier generations, as well as superior low light performance.

ATN stocks a wide variety of Night Time Optics, ranging from monoculars, binoculars, weapon scopes, goggles, to multipurpose devices. All of these tools tend to be very specialized products, so it is important to select the one that is closely suited to your needs. ATN's large assortment of devices will find one that fits perfectly for whatever task you have.

The Monocular device is an inexpensive and high quality night vision device, ideal for security purposes, scouting, bird watching, or boating, due to its small size and versatility.

NV binoculars provide ease of use and a wide array of styles and technology, perfect for beginners through the most advanced users, and can be used in all situations as the monocular, as well as for spotting due to its superior depth perception.

Night vision goggles (NVG) are a convenient way to see at night without having to use your hands, leaving them free to deal with whatever work is at hand, ideal for construction, military and security purposes, hunting, and scouting.

The Night Vision weapon scope is a great tool to create permanent night vision capabilities on your weapon of choice, and in available clip on day/night systems, there's a scope to fit any task, at any time of the day.

Whatever your night vision needs may be, ATN has a device ready for the task!