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It used to be that when you needed a scope, you looked at one thing: magnification and maybe, weight and size if you needed to conceal it. There weren’t always hunting scopes, or marksman scopes, they only had one difference, degree of magnification. But, that was then, this is the 21st century. The 21st century deserves a scope as advanced and futuristic as the century it was built in. It needs a scope that’s customizable for any task, any mission, any place, and any light level, and that scope is ATN’s Digital Rifle Scope, the X-Sight.

The X-Sight is a Day and Night Vision Rifle Scope, meaning that it has a night vision sensor, and it can be turned on or off, so that during the day, you look through the scope like any other scope, albeit an HD scope, but at night or in darkness, the sensor can be turned on and you can see through the scope like a night vision scope.

The X-Sight features the Obsidian core which is also in the BinoX line of digital binoculars. This lets the X-Sight process data at lightning speed. Night vision will come at a much faster rate to the eye piece, as well as contributing to a really fast, smooth, and intuitive UI experience.

The X-Sight can also be used as a Hunting Rifle Scope, and is already considered to be one of the best Hunting Scopes available due to its gyroscopic image stabilization technology. A smoother image at higher zooms equates to more hits at higher distances, at distances where in the pass an issue that could prevent a perfect shot would be shaky hands or even breathing.

As well as being praised by hunters for its superior hunting optics, this scope is praised by all types of shooters as being the best rifle scope. With an incredible digital high definition display, as well as digital smooth zoom technology which allows for zooming in and out with unprecedented ease for a scope. This Scope also features GPS and Geo-Tagging, so you can see exactly where you found, stalked to, and killed your prey, as well as documenting your journey or hunt, something no other scope can do.