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ATN Corp. is an official supplier to US government under GSA contract  GS-07F-0169M

For years ATN has been the choice of top quality Night Vision Equipment for many Law Enforcement officers. On February 2002 American Technologies Network Co. was awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) Contact GS-07F-0169M. This contract allows effortless acquisition of the most advanced Night Vision devices out of ATN's duty-proven line at GSA negotiated discounts.


Contact #: GS-07F-0169M


Address: 1341 SAN MATEO AVE SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94080-6424

Phone: (800) 910-2862 x 127, (650) 989-5127

Fax: (650)875-0129


Web Address:

Contract end date: Jan 31, 2022

Business type: Small business, Other than minority business enterprise

SIN: 426 4C

SIN Description: Night Vision Equipment

GSA Schedule: 84


DUNS #: 926309378


Schedule #: 84

PSC #: 5855

FSC #: 5855

SIN #: 426-4C

Federal Tax ID #: 943223361


1. Awarded Special Item Number(s): 426-4C – Night Vision Equipment (FSC 5855)

2. Maximum Order Guideline: This maximum order is a dollar amount at which it is suggested that the ordering agency request higher discounts from the contractor before issuing the order. The contractor may:

1) Offer a new lower price; 2) Offer the lowest price available under the contract; 3) Decline the order within five (5) days.

In accordance with the Maximum Order provisions contained in the Schedule, a delivery order may be placed against the Schedule contract even though it exceeds the maximum order.

3. Minimum Order Limitation: None

4. Geographic Coverage: 50 United States and Washington DC, Puerto Rico

5. Points Of Production: San Mateo County, South San Francisco, CA 94080

6. Basic Discount: The attached prices are NET

7. Quantity Discount: None:

8. Prompt Payment Terms: 1% 10 Days, Net 30 Days

9a. Government Purchase Cards Are Accepted

9b. Notification Whether Government Purchases Cards Are Accepted Or Not Accepted Above The Micropurchase Threshold: Accepted

10. Foreign Items: None

11a. Time Of Delivery: 45 DARO

11b. Expedited Delivery: 15 DARO, based on stock availability

11c. Overnight/2-Day Delivery: Consult with Contractor

11d. Urgent Requirements: Consult with Contractor

12. Fob Point: FOB Origin

13. Ordering Address: Same as Contractor address

14. Payment Address: Same as Contractor address

15. Warranty Provision: Standard Commercial Warranty

16. Export Packing Charges, If Applicable: N/A

17. Terms And Conditions Of Government Purchase Card Acceptance: None

18. Terms And Conditions Of Government Purchase Card Acceptance (Any Thresholds Above The Micropurchase Level): None

19. Terms And Conditions Of Installation (If Applicable): None

20. Terms And Conditions Of Repair Parts Indicating Date Of Parts Price Lists And Any Discounts From List Prices (If Applicable): None

21. List Of Service And Distribution Points (If Applicable): None

22. List Of Participating Dealers (If Applicable): None:

23. Preventive Maintenance (If Applicable): None

24. Environmental Attributes, E.G., Recycled Conten, Energy Efficiency, And/Or Reduced Pollutants: None

25. Data Universal Number Systems (Duns) Number: 92-6309378

26. Notification Regarding Registration In Central Contractor Registration (CCR) DataBase: Registered

On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage, a menu-driven database system. The INTERNET address for GSA Advantage is:

ATN Corp. Cage Code #: 1WSR9

ATN Corp. DUNS #: 926309378

Federal Supply Classification (FSC) is used to identify the products and services that company supplies to the government. FSC is used to identify products and PSC is used to identify services. A number of ATN Corp. products and services are classified by Defense Logistic Information Services under following Federal Supply Groups (FSG) and Federal Supply Classes (FSC).

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 58 Communication, Detection, and Coherent Radiation Equipment

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 12 Fire Control Equipment

Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5855 Night Vision Equipment, Emitted and Reflected Radiation

This class includes image forming devices and associated aids, their subassemblies and components, utilizing passive and/or active techniques for detection, observation, and identification of terrain and objects at night, while maintaining concealment afforded by darkness. Includes items having multiplication for purposes of fire control, and/or night observation, and/or detection. Excluded from this class are items for which more specific classifications are suitable as prescribed by the structure and indexes of the FSC.

Includes Sighting and Observation Devices, Target Detectors and Locators, Remote Viewing Systems utilizing heat radiation emitted from object(s), associated Radiation Sources, Image Converters and Image Intensifiers, Optical Cells and other components designed for Night Vision Equipment. Holders and Lens used with Infrared Equipment are also included in this FSC.

Excludes Optical Sighting devices which incorporate both day and night viewing characteristics within an integral unit for fire control purpose, night vision type items designed for use with guided missiles, communications, or laboratory equipment, and Optical Elements, such as Lens, Prisms, Windows.

Federal Supply Class (FSC): 1240 Optical Sighting and Ranging Equipment

Includes: Periscopes for Submarines; Range and Height Finders; Telescopic Sights; Optical Instruments Integrated with Fire Control Equipment.

Product Service Codes (PSC): 5855 and 1240

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) identifies what type of activity (e.g. Agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, etc.) your business performs as well as the type of product or service you offer.

ATN Corp. NAICS #: 333314

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) coding system identifies what type of activity (e.g. Agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, etc.) your business performs as well as the type of product or service you offer. The government buyers will access the CCR to query those vendors with appropriate SIC to meet their procurement needs.

ATN Corp. SIC #: 3827

ATN Corp is register with:

Defense Logistic Agency;


DSCC Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS);

Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO);

Business to Government Market (B2G); Federal Marketplace;

UN Global Marketplace #134613.

Dallas Store

3000 Grapevine Mills PWKY
Space #133 Grapevine, TX 76051

Austin Store

2901 S Capital of Texas Hwy
Suite N02, Austin, TX 78746

Houston Store

5015 Westheimer Road
Suite A1192, Houston TX 77056

Atlanta Store

5900 Sugarloaf Pkwy
Suite 513, Lawrenceville GA 30043

Chicago Store

GAT Guns Store 970 Dundee Ave
East Dundee, IL 60118

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