THOR LTV 160 3-9x

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Recoil Activated Video (RAV)

In the heat of the moment, you have more important things to worry about then remembering to press the record button before each kill shot. But boy wouldn't it be nice to have that video afterwards?

So, what is RAV? Think of RAV as your personal videographer, who takes care of all your needs.Its sole purpose is to activate automatically capturing your video and your moment.

automatic video capture

RAV is a breeze to use. Just turn on the RAV feature in your Shortcut Carousel (pictured here) and you are ready to go.

recoil does it

When you set your video record to RAV, the system buffers everything your scope sees. As the trigger is pulled and the scope senses the recoil of the weapon, a video is created and stored on your SD card.

easy setup

Set the time of pre-recoil and after recoil. For example: have RAV always take 30 seconds prior to your shot and 30 seconds after your shot to make one 60 seconds video everytime you shoot.

2nd shot did the trick — not a problem

If the 1st shot didn't quite do it, don't worry RAV automatically will stitch all videos that are taken close together. So taking several shots will not create several videos but will get you one continuous movie.


RAV - makes taking the important videos easy and simple. Available on all X-Sight 4K, X-Sight 4K Pro, X-Sight II, ThOR 4 and ThOR-HD scopes.

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