THOR LTV 160 3-9x

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ATN Firmware Update Center

Dear ATN Customer we have updated the process to update the Firmware for the following devices. If you have a Thor 4, X-Sight 4K, Binox 4K, Binox 4T or OTS 4T, please select the appropriate Firmware from the below drop down menu for your device. Select your device to download the Bin file and place it in the root directory of your SD card. Insert the SD card in your device and follow the standard Firmware update process.

Download firmware for digital rifle scopes and binoculars (firmware being the built-in software that runs your devices). Before proceeding please read instructions below. No downloads are available for products that are not listed.


Please note that a compass calibration needs to be performed after installing the Firmware that activates the ATN Radar on your device.

Before powering up your unit for use:

  1. Verify the current FW version that is on your device.
  2. Download current Firmware update according to the "Update Instructions." If your Firmware is up to date, skip these download instructions and proceed to step 3.
  3. Perform a Factory Reset before using the device.
  4. Please note that a compass calibration needs to be performed after installing the Firmware that activates the ATN Radar on your device. Please perform the calibration as outlined in your manual and away from any SMF devices, perferably outside.


  1. Download the ***.bin file. You may need to create an account if you didn't create it earlier, and copy to your microSD Card — root directory.*
  2. Insert the card into the scope.
  3. Turn ON the scope.
  4. In the "Firmware Update" dialog box select "Yes" to start the update.
    For X-Sight II HD Series, ThOR-HD Series, OTS-HD Series, BinoX HD, Binox-THD Series, X-Spotter HD:
    If the device does not restart within 30 seconds after reaching 100%, remove and re-insert the batteries and power-up the device.​

    For X-Sight 4K BH Series, X-Sight 4K Pro Series, ThOR 4 Series:
    ​If the device does not restart within 30 seconds, press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to reboot your scope.​
  5. When the update counter reaches "100%", the device will automatically restart.
    You must make sure that the batteries in the device are fully charged before updating. In the event of a power failure during an updated the device may need to be sent back to the factory for service.
  6. Once the device is powered up, it will enter self configuration mode.
  7. After completing it will automatically restart and will be ready for use.
  8. Once the Firmware update completes, please do a factory reset before using the product.
  9. Please remember to delete the Firmware File off of the microSD card after all steps are completed.

* Do not Open the BIN file on your computer as it may corrupt the file. Please only move it to your SD card's root directory.

restore firmware app
ATN factory restore firmware
(only for obsidian 4 device series)

If you are experiencing problems loading your ATN smart products Firmware using the micro SD card. We have another option for you. You can use your products USB-C port to load the needed and latest ATN Firmware update to your ATN smart product. Also, this program may assist you in the following instances ie: black screen, freezing, none responsiveness of buttons, firmware not loading correctly, etc.

ATN factory restore firmware setup
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