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Thermal Imaging is one of the most advanced night vision technologies available. Unlike traditional night vision devices, thermal vision allows you to see through heat, rather than through light in traditional scopes. Using the most advanced thermal sensors and a powerful computer to process information at lightning fast speeds, ATN's thermal products ensure a fast image response time and great image refresh rates.

ATN's thermal multipurpose systems allow incredibly high versatility as well as providing users a variety of uses, applicable to a wide variety of situations. ATN's Odin series of multipurpose monocular is the smallest of its kind in the world. This system is designed to be applied to any scenario you can throw at it, perfect for head, hand, as well as weapon mounting. In addition, this powerful device is dustproof and waterproof, ensuring that this weapon can handle any punishment you throw at it in any location.

ATN's OTS line of thermal image viewers provide a simple and effective solution for your thermal vision needs. This device is perfect for any situation you would use a night vision monocular for, but require a little more juice. In addition, these devices see perfectly through smoke and fog, allowing you to find small targets at long ranges, thanks to its great sensor and available high definition 640x512 screen. This device also comes with 4 interchangeable lenses, allowing you to see clearer at higher distances.

ATN also features two varieties of thermal image scopes. One, the ThOR series, is a standard style night vision scope, with ATN's unique high quality design. Combining high quality optics, and a cost effective design, these weapon sights are considered among the best in the field.

In addition to the ThOR series, ATN also carries the TICO series of thermal clip on scopes. They combine all the high tech features of the ThOR series, but with the added easiness of being used in addition to your regular day time scope, as opposed to instead of it.

Regardless of your Thermal Vision needs, ATN has a product right for you.