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ATN's thermal monoculars are the most advanced and easy to use on the market. By combining the tiny size (87 mm x 56 mm x 50 mm) and weight (0.77lbs) of an ATN PVS14, one of the smallest traditional night vision monocular on the market, with ATN's powerful thermal imaging technology, this thermal imagining monocular allows the user unprecedented ease of use.

ATN's digital thermal monoculars come in a variety of formats designed to adhere to any budget or need, from cheap monoculars all the way to high end elite ones. They are also available in a variety of display configurations, ranging all the way to ultra high definition 800x600 display, with thermal sensors available up to a whopping 640x512.Beyond incredible resolution, this versatile device features video output to broadcast your surveillance or security footage for further analysis.

ATN's multipurpose thermal monoculars allow the user an unrivaled volume of applications, ranging from simple hunting, all the way to surveillance, security, and even battlefield application, all available in a multitude of style formats, display formats, and price formats.

Cheaper ATN thermal monoculars excel at hunting at the level that high end priced competitor products do, being able to reach distances of over 700 meters, allowing the hunter to see his prey before they even know they are there. This is ideal for hog hunting in pitch black night, where thermal vision allows you to see threw shrubbery and objects blocking your direct vision in ways standard digital night couldn't even dream of doing.

ATN thermal monoculars are also excellent for security and surveillance work, due to the high definition they view at, especially relative to other price comparable thermal monocular devices. The ODIN series of multipurpose thermal monocular has long been a favorite of security firms due to its price, low profile, and adaptability. The monocular is easily fitted to any long gun, as well as to a hat or helmet, all the while being able to do video output to get all data both to the operator of the device as well as to wherever it needs to go, be it to a hard drive, flash memory, or to another operator who is waiting to analyze the data as it transmits.

These monoculars are also great for shooting and observational work, excelling at viewing clarity, as well as response time, perfect for scouting at night, or perfecting your night time aim.