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Introducing the Next Generation of Optics:
ATN 5th Generation Products

ATN, a pioneer in advanced optics technology, has recently made an exciting announcement with the introduction of their new 5th Generation products. Designed to revolutionize the way we experience the world through optics, the ATN X-Sight 5, Thor 5, and Thor 5 XD are packed with innovative features that take performance to a whole new level.


ATN Brand New High-Performance Sensors

The latest innovations in ATN's 5th Generation products include upgraded high-performance sensors, delivering crystal-clear image quality for both night vision and thermal products. This ensures that users can see every detail, no matter the lighting conditions. Whether it's the darkness of night or the heat signatures of objects, the enhanced sensors provide exceptional clarity and accuracy.

ATN Video Recording in Real 4K

One standout feature of the 5th Generation products is the ability to record videos in real 4K resolution. This means that users can capture their hunting or shooting experiences with incredible detail and vividness. The recorded footage will truly bring those moments to life, allowing users to relive their adventures and share them with others.

ATN Slow Motion at 120/240 fps

ATN devices have taken optics technology to new heights by offering Slow Motion capabilities at 120/240 frames per second. This innovative feature allows users to capture videos and analyze their shots with incredible precision, magnifying every detail and movement. It allows users to witness moments that would otherwise be missed by the naked eye, capturing the beauty and intricacies of each shot in stunning detail.

ATN Built-In LRF

ATN hasn't forgotten about the importance of precise measurements in the field. With the built-in laser rangefinder, users can accurately determine the distance to their target at the touch of a button. This feature eliminates the need for additional rangefinding equipment, making the user's setup more streamlined and efficient.

ATN Ballistic Calculator

ATN's innovative devices are embedded with an advanced Ballistic Calculator to optimize shot accuracy. This tool comprehensively analyzes multiple factors, including wind dynamics, shooting angle, and target proximity, to pinpoint the optimal point for bullet impact. This seamless integration minimizes guesswork in varied shooting scenarios, guaranteeing each shot is precise and true.

ATN Reticle Editor

For those who enjoy customizing their optics experience, the 5th Generation products offer a reticle editor. This feature allows users to create personalized reticles or choose from a selection of pre-installed options. With the reticle editor, users can fine-tune their aim and adapt to different shooting scenarios, enhancing their overall shooting accuracy.


ATN X-Sight 5: Vision Perfected

Let's take a closer look at the ATN X-Sight 5, one of the flagship products in the 5th Generation lineup. Equipped with an ultra 4K sensor, this device delivers stunning image quality, ensuring that every detail is captured with exceptional clarity. The enhanced night vision mode takes visibility in low-light conditions to a whole new level, allowing users to see clearly even in the darkest environments.

The X-Sight 5 also features a built-in laser rangefinder, enabling precise distance measurements instantly. Whether it's for long-range shooting or simply knowing the exact distance to a target, this feature provides crucial information for accurate shots. Furthermore, the ballistic calculator helps users adjust their aim based on various factors such as wind speed and target distance, ensuring optimal accuracy every time.

With video recording capabilities in real 4K resolution and the added bonus of Recoil Activated Video (RAV), users can capture their experiences in stunning detail. RAV automatically starts recording when the weapon recoils, ensuring that no important moment is missed. Additionally, the slow-motion feature at 120/240 frames per second allows for detailed analysis of shots in daytime mode, helping users improve their shooting techniques.

ATN Thor 5: Thermal Imaging Redefined

The Thor 5 is ATN's commitment to perfecting thermal optics. The Next Gen Thermal Sensor ensures that heat signatures are rendered with utmost clarity. The Built-In Laser Rangefinder returns, making sure measurements are precise. Shooting becomes almost predictive with the Ballistic Calculator, as it calculates all vital data for your shots. The Video Recording feature ensures every moment, heated or cold, is captured. And, of course, the Reticle Editor lets you to create own reticles or to upload predesigned ones.

ATN Thor 5 XD: The Apex of Thermal Optics

The Thor 5 XD is not just an upgrade; it's a revolution. With a 1280x1024 Advanced Thermal Sensor, it holds the title for the most sophisticated thermal sensor in the market. It's not just about heat detection; it's about seeing heat in high-definition.

This advanced sensor offers exceptional thermal vision capabilities, allowing users to spot the smallest details with remarkable clarity. This sensor makes the Thor 5 XD the Best Tool for Long Range Shooting. Even at immense distances, you can spot the minutest details.

The Built-In Laser Rangefinder guarantees precision, and the Ballistic Calculator ensures your shots land true. Video Recording captures every moment, and with the Reticle Editor, you can personalize the way you hunt.

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