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ATN Night Vision Head Mount Goggle Kit


head mount assembly nvg kit
This NVG headset kit comes with chin strap and flip-up system for "hands free" use.
Goggle Kit
Paul Z.
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Goggle Kit
Great item. Basically a helmet mount without the helmet. Solid quality and relatively comfortable. Again, the only complaint is the quality of the J arm material, plastic but should be metal. Had a shipping SNAFU but the Customer Service Rep I spoke with fixed everything without hesitation or hassle.
Paul Z.
head gear kit - monocular
Shipping was fast and easy. The kit is light weight and fully adjustable. Gross adjustment is quick; fine adjustment will take time but does the trick. There is some loose fit between the mount but it doesn't seem to affect performance on the range. The same looseness causes a slight rattle when moving quickly, however it's not a loud, metallic sound. Still getting used to the mount that attaches to the monocular; it does not thread into the monocular as the older mounts did. I've dropped the headset/monocular a few times onto wet grass without breaking or disengagement. This occurred due to my fault and not the fit of the equipment. I am altogether pleased with the product.
James P.
I like the goggle kit.
I like the goggle kit. NVM14 was mounted on rifle. I can't hold rifle up all time. Latch allows to be removed/installed. Check out the NVM14 great.
Joe T.
Works as advertised.
Works as advertised.
Richard S.
Goggle kit
Works great, comfortable to wear, exactly what I have been looking for.
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