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ATN Power Weapon Kit


atn power weapon kit


  • 20,000 mAh Battery Pack
  • Water Resistant Rubber Seal Adjustable Buttstock Pouch

The ATN Extended Power Kit gives you plenty of juice whenever and wherever you need it. Up to 22 hrs of continuous use. Easy to recharge and can power other devices.

Online Manual and User Guide

ATN power kit
Jason w.
rating based on 79 review
ATN power kit
Fast shipping, great packaging and easy installation.
Jason w.
ATN external battery
Quick delivery and last for hours. Good overall purchase.
Tim B.
Seams to be what I wanted
Haven't been able to try it out yet
Kenneth B.
ATN Battery Pack Works Great
This works great with my ThOR LT and X-Sight HD (Version 1). Kept my Texas boar hunt alive well into early morning hours with my ThOR LT 4-8x. Can't wait to test it on coyotes with my X-Sight HD. The only reasons I didn't give it 5 stars are; 1. The stock pouch, granted it is universal but doesn't fit nicely on some AR collapsible stocks. 2. The cable is a little bit long and can get in the way, but I do see how that can work okay for longer length of pull needs. 3. Although multiple ATN scopes have the ability to use external batteries, this is really for the bulkier model Smart Optics with the the circular plug. Would have been better if there was a USB-C cable included too, to make it more marketable to all battery pack capable ATN Optics. Now the reasons It got Four Stars: 1. Stock pouch works great for multiple rifles and is of good quality. 2. Battery lasts an incredibly long time running newer less draining optics. 3. Battery has two standard USB ports, great for running a NV Optic and IR illuminator, although it drains it faster. 4. For optics that tend to drain AA batteries in less than 3 hours, even when off (X-Sight HD), all you need AA batteries for is to turn the thing on 5. really does not add any noticeable weight to rifle, I'd say maybe a pound.
Alexander O.
Left handed shooter
The only problem with the kit is that the pouch is not readily reversible for a left hand shooter. I will have to mount it upside down, and hope the straps don't get in the way. Or possibly inside out? Any suggestions would be helpful.
william s.
Love your product. Hate your
Love your product. Hate your customer service Won’t answer the phone. Try to leave call back number. They tell you hit 2 it doesn’t work. So you can’t leave it. This is after 3 days of trying.
Bruce S.
ATN power
Have not used it much yet. However seems to work as advertised. Only complaint is additional bulk and weight to gun.
ron r.
Love the pack it lets
Love the pack it lets me use the scope longer without having to charge it
Phyllis J.
Already had one am very
Already had one am very pleased with it
Larry R.
quality item
This power kit is made with quality and easy to install. It took me about 20 minutes to install the pouch which doubles as a cheek rest, and it also works great for storing extra ammo as well as spare batteries and small tools. The power cord makes a good strong connection and can be mounted well out of the operational range.
Jerry W.