ATN Power Weapon Kit


atn power weapon kit


  • 20,000 mAh Battery Pack
  • USB to Micro USB w/ L Shape Connector
  • Water Resistant Rubber Seal
  • Adjustable Buttstock Pouch

The ATN Extended Power Kit gives you plenty of juice whenever and wherever you need it. Up to 22 hrs of continuous use. Easy to recharge and can power other devices.

Online Manual and User Guide

Stacie G.
rating based on 57 review
Awesome product
Stacie G.
very good buy
excellent option helps
Baltazar O.
Extended use battery pack
Everything actually fits, plugs all mate, the bag straps to the smaller stock(600 Rem Mohawk), and seems to have good life. If I can ever get the X Sight to function correctly, it be a win - win.
David O.
Battery pack
Battery pack works great but can't use the 4 aa batteries for back up have to take those out or it uses them first and don't automatically switch to the pack until you take those out but overall great
Works great!
I rigged one but this works much better. now I don't have to worry about having the sight shut down and better in snow etc as the battery is protected. Coyotes and pigs will hate me even more!
Michael V.
External battery
Easy install, comfortable to use, a must for extended use in the field. Great product.
Daniel O.
ATN X Sight Pro 5-20X
The scope has performed well. The control buttons on the scope are sometimes difficult to get to change modes. I ordered the Power Weapon Kit later and it was supposed to be delivered in six business days and I have not received it after fourteen days, eight business days.
John M.
So Far So Good
Work as advertises. Still to early to tell wether worth the $99. Just got it, took a little while for shipping, so far so good.
Gary S.
Almost perfect
The kit was well made but lacked in an important option. There is no way that this setup can be used on a crossbow without a lot of modification. I had to mount the battery on top of the scope which is very far from ideal. The scope did function better with the higher voltage/ mah than my other one.
Capt R.
Scope battery purchase
All around great products.
Cyril W.