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ATN IR850 Supernova


ir850 supernova

ATN IR850 Supernova; an extremely powerful, long range infra-red illuminator with adjustable mount, that is perfect for hunting, law enforcement, search and rescue, and military use.

Online Manual and User Guide

IR850 supernova
Robert T.
rating based on 15 review
IR850 supernova
It’s the best IR light that I ever used. The adjustment on the IR light is a little shakie.
Robert T.
Good service great quality
I have made several purchases from ATN and have found that the products in general are quality products. When I have had issues the support team has been very helpful. Some directions on product use are lacking but all in all as good as or better than others.
Jerry V.
JonPaul C.
Happy Surprise
It comes with a rechargeable battery. That being said the charger that came with it did not work. The light is really bright and works well. I would recommend placing it on the front of the gun and not on the optics to reduce muzzle climb, as it’s heavier and wider than the free one.
Dwayne D.
This IR is a perfect upgrade. The range you get with it is fantastic.
Steve R.
the ATN supernova lit up my life! With it on my rifle I was able to see more than 300 yards
Aubie C.
It works great Thanks
It works great Thanks
Vic O.
IR850 Supernova Lights Up The Night
I used the IR850 Supernova for the first time on a hog hunt and could not be happier with it. It illuminated targets at over twice the distance of IR lights many of the other hunters were using. I harvested 2 hogs with an X-Sight II/IR 850 Supernova combo, one at 75 yards and the other at 85 yards using a mid-intensity setting - it was like taking a shot in the daylight.
William J.
Haven't tried it out yet. It is a gift. I can write a review after Christmas.
Steven R.
works great
Lawrence E.