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ATN IR850 Supernova


ir850 supernova

ATN IR850 Supernova; an extremely powerful, long range infra-red illuminator with adjustable mount, that is perfect for hunting and search and rescue use.

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I've only just set it
Jim R.
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I've only just set it
I've only just set it upooking out 120yrds its crisp and clear.
Jim R.
Works great..
Works great..
I can see clearly now
Awesome range! Such a big difference compared to the original IR I've been using, and to my surprise the battery indured a full night of hunting. I do have an extra battery just in case. This IR gave my scope a clear picture, thus giving me some ideal head shots at 70 yards. It is a bit bulky, heavy, but I can live with it if it gives me that much light!
Alika A.
I'm only giving it a
I'm only giving it a 4 cause I haven't had a chance to use it yet but it seems heavy duty.
Justin K.
This is the best long range IR on the market
Samuel A.
Looking forward to using g
Looking forward to using g in the field soon.
Robert F.
Very Satisfied
Exceptional tool for night hunting out to 200 yards. Will try longer ranges soon. Easy to mount and operate. Very easy to mount and unmount for picattiny rail. Definitely recommend you try one.
Ivy R.
850 supernova
Pros-So much better than the illuminator that came with my 4k pro 3x14. I can see clearly out to about 300 yards but the digital zoom tends to pixilate some. I like the windage and elevation adjustments on the mounting ring. I won't be taking shots farther than 150 200 yards anyway and this illuminator works great. Cons- I cant get my whole field of vison illuminated when under about 6-8 x zoom i get a square hot spot but trying to rotate lens head only rotates the sqare and unscrews the head from the body.
Brightest light for my scope
Brightest light for my scope so far. Very pleased.
Sean C.
Great addition to the scope.
Great addition to the scope. Happy with it
Douglas P.