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ATN Thermal Targets (set of 3)


thermal target
The ATN Thermal Targets are a great and easy way to Zero in your Thermal Scope, eliminating the frustration of finding a hot or cold target. It uses special material with an included heat source to give you a thermal signature that is easily picked up by your thermal scope. Package includes a set of 3 thermal targets.
Target made it easy in
Robert M.
rating based on 22 review
Target made it easy in
Target made it easy in sighting in my ATN THORLT 4 x 8 Thermal Scope.
Robert M.
Great product
Great product
Aaron M.
Got the job done!
I sighted my thermal scope in at 60 yards. I used a laser in the barrel first. then shot at 30 yards. then shot at 60 yards. got it shoot good at 60 yards. now just waiting for some wild hogs to come out in front of my SPYPOINT trail camera.
Denver G.
Small but mighty
They were not as big as I imagined, might be that I didn’t bother reading their dimensions. But my Thor 4 picked up the thermal image rather nicely and target did its job.
Ron F.
Haven’t got a chance to
Haven’t got a chance to use them heat but the design seems great and can’t wait to get to the ranch and put them to use! Thanks ATN for the great service
Caleb G.
William m.
Sighting in gun with ATN thermal scope
These targets were the perfect thing for sighting my new ATN thermal scope made 1 shot zero so easy.
Charles L.
Thermal target
Works as described.
Mickey Z.
Great help!
These are essential in getting your scope on target.
Christopher D.
Icould see the large area
Icould see the large area on the target but the very center did not show up.
Rick S.