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ATN Thermal Targets (set of 3)


thermal target
The ATN Thermal Targets are a great and easy way to Zero in your Thermal Scope, eliminating the frustration of finding a hot or cold target. It uses special material with an included heat source to give you a thermal signature that is easily picked up by your thermal scope. Package includes a set of 3 thermal targets.
Haven’t had time to use
George S.
rating based on 31 review
Haven’t had time to use
Haven’t had time to use them yet. Fits my needs.
George S.
Worked great!
Worked great!
Kevin G.
Worked as advertised.
Worked as advertised.
Brad B.
Excellent customer service
Great scope. Excellent customer service.
Tim L.
Works as intended
Joshua M.
Tech advantage delivered
I HAD a rat problem. I ordered the Thor 4 scope, dialed it in with these targets and voilá, no more rat problems. And some fun in between. Thanks ATN
Dan B.
John W.
ATN Thermal Targets
Worth the purchase. Made sighting in my ATN Thor 4 thermal Scope indoors a lot easier.
keith l.
Worked well
I definitely could discern the center of the target in the dark and sight in the scope. Have to figure out how to clean control the contrast in the scope to make the target stand out better...
Dennis M.
Target made it easy in
Target made it easy in sighting in my ATN THORLT 4 x 8 Thermal Scope.
Robert M.