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ATN Thermal Targets (set of 3)


thermal target
The ATN Thermal Targets are a great and easy way to Zero in your Thermal Scope, eliminating the frustration of finding a hot or cold target. It uses special material with an included heat source to give you a thermal signature that is easily picked up by your thermal scope. Package includes a set of 3 thermal targets.
Great help!
Christopher D.
rating based on 14 review
Great help!
These are essential in getting your scope on target.
Christopher D.
Icould see the large area
Icould see the large area on the target but the very center did not show up.
Rick S.
Good for initial sight in
Nice simple item, works good . I would like to see a larger model for extended range sight in but it’s a good start.
Stacy T.
Great product!
Great product!
Drew D.
I have yet to shoot at them. I bit I have tested the target. Will work for what I need.
William S.
Like peanut butter and jelly.
I am new to Thermal, I am a night vision guy, with my 4K. Well, this made my sight in simple and fast. Thanks, ATN
Larry P.
It works
It will get you there.
The targets worked good but the heat packs will last for a couple of minutes.
Worked good
Worked good
Cody C.
First class
ATN products are the very best. Nobody else even comes close.
David D.