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ATN IR850 Pro


atn ir850 pro infrared illuminator

ATN IR850 Pro an extremely powerful, long range 850 mW infrared illuminator for hunting and search & rescue use.

Online Manual and User Guide

Great set up. Mounts and
Kenny E.
rating based on 20 review
Great set up. Mounts and
Great set up. Mounts and adjusts easily. Illuminates out several hundred yards. Simple operation!
Kenny E.
excellence product
excellence product
Dorian M.
I like the light cause
I like the light cause the adjustable ring dials up the strength on those leery hogs and the adjustable mount centers the beam on the device with ease, the batteries last much longer and are easier to deal with on a change out in the dark. I spend long nights hunting those hogs and have used up 3 batteries before the nights over
Wayne F.
Supernova & 4K Pro
What a difference from the IR that came with the scope, lit up a red fox at 530 yrds no problem, once I focused it man does thing have range total game changer, look out yotes you can't hide anymore
Anthony M.
Making the purchase was very
Making the purchase was very easy and it arrived quickly. I have used it and am satisfied with the product.
Glenn M.
enhances the day/night scopes functions
enhances the day/night scopes functions for longer range detection in complete darkness.
Michael P.
Awesome IR Light
Everything is as promised. I was using a light that came with my scope that I thought was getting the job done. Wow, was I wrong once I mounted this light to my rifle. This light works better than I though it ever would. It lights 300 yards easily with no moon. I LOVE THIS LIGHT. If you are using the light that came with your scope, man are you missing out!
Kevin B.
Great improvement over stock illuminator
First off, this is a BIG improvement over the stock illuminator that came with my X-Sight 4K Pro. Mount adjustments are good too. Only issues that I’ve had are not deal breakers. The body spins in the mount when I try to adjust the focus. All 4 screws are tight, so it may be tolerances in the ID-OD fit. Not noticeable unless I’m adjusting focus. The other issue that I’ve had is the lens body will unscrew from the battery body when adjusting focus. I’ll fix this with a drop of loctite soon. Battery life seems to be okay. I’ve taken it on 3 hunts and it’s done it’s job so far. Recharge the battery when I recharge the scope.
Taylor G.
IR850 Pro
I received the replacement unit 3 days ago. The battery has been charging since and still the red light is glowing. Therefore I have had no opportunity to test the IR scope. If someone would like to call me and tell me what I am doing wrong, they would be more than welcomed. Vrej (818-807-3952)
Vrej A.
Big improvement over light that
Big improvement over light that came with scope
Byrne C.