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5X Mil-Spec Magnifier Lens


5x mil spec magnifier lens
High-performance Galilean afocal telescope that easily mounts to the objective lens of many night vision devices. The lens can be threaded or snapped onto the objective lens. Incorporates very fast optics (F/1.5) with field of view 7.5°. Includes snap-on adapter, convenient flip-up objective lens cover, removable rear lens cap, and carrying case. Waterproof.
Fits to ATN 6015, PVS14 monoculars and PVS-7 goggles.
Resolution is good but reduces brightness somewhat
William L.
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Resolution is good but reduces brightness somewhat
The 5x lens slides snugly on a PVS 14 focus ring. The ring adapter can also be unscrewed from the 5x lens, meaning that the 5x lens also has a male thread for fitting to other devices. Resolution is good as expected, although there is a small focus difference between IR and visible light-- not too bad. The total light received is of course increased significantly compared to the normal PVS 14 lens, although the brightness of a "white wall" is reduced because the effective exit pupil of the 5x lens is about half the diameter of a PVS 14 lens.
William L.