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ir850 b3

Provides 2-3 times visible distance extention. You can quickly and easily attach this illuminator to your night vision device to increase performance and to operate your night vision device in zero light.

Only to be used with NVG7 Series.

Does a good job. Well
michael c.
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Does a good job. Well
Does a good job. Well worth it.
michael c.
ATN IR 850-B3
I purchased an IR 850-B3 illuminator to go with my NVG night vision goggles. Both work well, and I am extremely pleased with them. The IR 850 was originally shipped with incorrect parts to mount to the goggles. One call to ATN, handled by a very nice and helpful young man (whose name I unfortunately do not remember) and 5 days later I had the correct part to mate the illuminator with the goggle. ATN makes a good product, AND THEY SUPPORT THEIR CUSTOMERS. If anyone from ATN reads this, look up who handled the service call for Carey C. Allison on the illuminator mount and give them an "attaboy".
Carey A.