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One issue that many people who are interested in purchasing a night vision system have, is how to manage having a night time scope, on a gun you also plan on using during the day. Thankfully, there's a solution: the "Day/Night system." The Day/Night system is a clip on scope, which is easily mounted to any rail sitting in front of the standard daytime scope, allowing for instant night vision ability without having to detach, or re-zero any scopes.

ATN's Signature Day/Night system was the PS22 series, a series of scopes people are still now, years later, enjoying and using to the fullest. Now, ATN is proud to unveil its new series of night vision weapon scopes, the PS28 series.

The PS28 series of night vision scope attachment has some noticeable changes and improvements from its predecessors. It has a 40mm viewing area, as opposed to the older models 22mm viewing ability. In addition, when using a daytime scope in addition to the PS28, you retain much more viewing area that would have been lost with an older version, retaining 23% more on a 25mm rifle scope, 48% more on a 48mm scope, and 33% more on a 58 mm. These increases allow you to see more of your target, and more of what is around your target.

The PS28 is available in a variety of configurations to suit any situation or need. They are available in all generations, 1,2,3, and 4, as well as in White phosphorus (WPT). Every scope is manufactured with the highest quality image intensifier tubes, as all scopes including automatic brightness control. As always, ATN is committed to bringing the highest quality scopes at the most affordable prices,evident in every PS28 device.