Thermal Imaging Scopes have revolutionized the night vision industry. It takes the most useful functions of night vision, being able to find your target at night, and combines it with a heat sensing camera which highlights anything giving off heat. Unlike night vision scopes, these scopes can operate in total darkness, seeing through fog, smoke, steam, etc. This is because these scopes use the heat coming off of whatever you are looking at for light, as opposed to infra-red light, or ambient light.

ATN is proud to present two different series of Thermal Vision Scopes, The ThOR series and the Odin series. Both series are manufactured out of only the highest grade materials, ensuring an investment that lasts years, as well as producing quality image feedback every shot, making sure every shot hits its target.

The ThOR dedicated thermal sight is regarded as one of the best in the business, with years of positive customer response, and an amazing reputation among tactical scopes. Using mil-spec lenses, as well as an innovative and intuitive easy to use software, ATN delivers a huge amount of features for the best possible value in the thermal market.

The Odin series is the smallest thermal scope to date, but don’t let its small size fool you, this scope packs a punch inside of its little frame. This scope also has the added benefit of detaching into a fully functional thermal vision monocular device, giving you two devices for the price of one. In addition, all Odin devices are compatible with accessories for any PVS-14 device, letting you keep all of your favorite interchangeable accessories.