ATN provides one of the smallest, lightest, and most advanced thermal systems available on the market today. The ODIN multi-purpose Thermal Monocular is the most state of the art system out there. Combining ATN's proven PVS-14 monocular design, with high end thermal imaging technology and an incredibly long distance DRI, this Infrared monocular will get the job done every time.

Perfect for Law Enforcement, Hunting, home security, as well as search and rescue and military use, ODINs design has been time proven an effective Thermal vision solution. All of these devices are also manufactured from high grade waterproof polymer, creating a device as versatile as your needs for it. In addition, with a weapon mounting option, as well as headgear mounting, or simply handheld, this device can transform to whatever your need of it may be.

The Odin devices are all customizable with any accessories developed for the whole PVS-14 line allowing for an even larger amount of uses, as well as saving you money by allowing your accessories to be interchangeable between devices. In addition to that, the ODIN system is available in a variety of configurations, some, like the 31CW offer a 30hz frame rate, at a much cheaper price than the 61BW, considered one of the highest end IR monoculars available.

With a Human DRI reaching upwards of 700meters on some models, and vehicle DRI reaching up to almost 1700meters, the ODIN line means business. When only the absolute best can do, ATN provides the best Thermal Monoculars available.