ATN’s OTS-X Thermal Imaging Cameras represent the height of Infrared Camera technology. Thermal Imaging Cameras use infra-red radiation to create an image, allowing the viewer to see even in total darkness. Thermal Cameras have always been a very popular Thermal Imaging Device. ATN’s OTS-X line of Infrared Cameras are especially popular among fire crews and search and rescue teams, in part due to their compact and ergonomic size, and in part due to the technological advances happening inside of the viewer.

ATN’s Thermal Imaging Cameras feature a wide variety of unique, innovative, and helpful features. From different color modes and interchangeable optics for different situations, to digital brightness controls so you can change the brightness of what you are seeing in real time. The OTS-X line is available in either 336x256 or 640x512 resolution, allowing you to pick a much more personalized product for your specific needs. ATN is also proud to introduce the OTS-X-E line, which is available in 60 Hz, which gives a much faster response time, double that of a standard TI device.

When you need a quality IR Camera while keeping sight on your money, the ATN OTS-X-F3XX line is the choice for you. At 30 Hz, it delivers a fast response time, coupled with all the other previously mentioned features at a price much lower than TI viewers of its quality. The OTS-X-F3XX is perfect for a smaller security force or a precinct on a budget, as well as a hunter or outdoorsman who wants to invest in a quality Thermal Camera. Some examples of these devices are the OTS-X-F370 and the F314.

When the best is what’s needed, the absolute will best will be provided, with ATN’s OTS-X-F6XX line of TI viewers. These TI viewers combine crystal clear 640x512 resolution, with an incredibly fast 30 Hz refresh rate to create the highest quality image every time. Perfect for search and rescue teams, as well as law enforcement and military. Some examples of this groundbreaking device would be the ATN OTS-X-F614 and OTS-X-F670 thermal image viewers.