ThOR LT 3-6x
in Elements Terra Camo

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► TWANGnBANG The ATN Binox is a digital day/night viewer built in the form of traditional binoculars. However, instead of focusing light gathered by two objective lenses directly into your eyes, the Binox gives you two little screens fed by a digital sensor located in the right tube. The left tube houses a factory collimated, focusable IR illuminator with a claimed 300 yard range, but I’ve found it can be effective beyond that. The ruggedized housing is water resistant with a rubber cover over ports for USB, HDMI out, and a micro SD card. A one-quarter by 20 insert allows you to mount the Binox to any standard tripod mount which I recommend for recording or any extended use. Three CR123A batteries are included and can be left in the Binox indefinitely without significant power loss.