THOR LTV 256 2-6X

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Digital Binoculars

Digital Binoculars

If your device is frozen, hold the power button for 30 seconds to perform a hard reset. If the problem persists we recommend going to or go to, select firmware at the top right corner of the web page and select it at the bottom of the screen. This is a program that must be installed on the computer and will allow you to repair or reinstall the firmware on your device.

If your device is only displaying an image out of one eyepiece when you power it on. Most likely, this means your internal battery is very low on power and you need to charge your Digital Binoculars ie: BinoX 4K or BinoX 4T.

How to videos

How do I update my firmware?

Click on the provided Firmware Link and follow the instructions outlined on the firmware update page.

What are the minimum and maximum size micro SD cards the optics can use?

You should use a reputable micro SD card brand and it should be a 4gb - 32gb, class 10 or better SDHC type.

Do I need to format my micro SD card prior to use?

Yes, format the micro SD card within the scope via menu option in the system settings.

What is the average battery life and warranty on the battery in the BinoX 4K or 4T?

The Battery life is up to 16+ hrs, depending on settings. Warranty is 6 years on the battery

Are the optics waterproof?

No, with all port covers in place and/or firmly tightened, the optics are water resistant.

What is the warranty for the ATN Binox 4K product line?

The BinoX 4K have a 2 years warranty.

What is the warranty for the ATN Binox 4T product line?

The BinoX 4T have a 3 years warranty.

What charger does the BinoX 4K and BinoX 4T line take?

They both require a 2-amp charging block and the supplied USB C cable.

What’s the difference between the BinoX 4T 384 models and the 640 models?

The difference is resolution and image quality. Higher resolution and better image quality typically yield longer detection ranges due to the higher number of pixels available on a given target at a given distance.

Can I use Thermal Binoculars Day and Night?

Yes, thermal can be used 24/7.

Can I use Digital Binoculars Day and Night?

Yes, digital can be used 24/7.

Do I need to use an IR light with Thermal Binoculars?

No, an IR light is not needed.

Do I need to use an IR light with a Digital Binoculars?

Yes, you would need to use the build in IR illuminator when using Digital Binoculars at Night.

How much does the BinoX 4k/4T weigh?

Average weight across the models is 2.5lbs.

Will the X-TRAC Remote work with my ATN BinoX 4K/4T?

Yes, if your ATN device has Bluetooth functionality the X-Trac remote will work with it.

Can I pair the BinoX 4K/4T with my ATN Smart Scope?

Yes, but only with the ThOR 4 or X-Sight 4K models.

Can I take the ATN BinoX 4K/4T out of the country?

No, export paperwork is needed for all night vision optics. ATN does not secure such paperwork for retail customers.

Can I export, i.e. mail, my ATN BinoX 4K/4T oversees to countries not considered U.S. territories?

No, export paperwork is needed for all night vision optics. ATN does not secure such paperwork for retail customers.

What power source is needed for the ATN BinoX HD?

The BinoX HD requires 3 CR123A type batteries, 3v (Lithium recommended)

What is the average runtime using lithium batteries in the ATN BinoX HD?

Average lithium runtime is 6-8 hours, depending on settings. An external battery kit is available, called the ATN Power Weapon Kit, which will yield up to 22 hours of runtime. If the ATN Power Weapon kit is used, it is still recommended to have AA batteries in the unit as a safeguard.

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