ATN ThOR-640 5-40X (30Hz)
Thermal Rifle Scopes
  • Home Security
  • Professional
  • Law Enforcement
  • Hunting
$ 7,999
ATN ThOR-640 5-40X (30Hz)

ATN Thermal Imaging Has Gone Digital!
ATN is proud to introduce the newest line of ThOR Thermal Weapon Scopes. The most advanced night vision technology available is brought to you by the premier company dedicated to providing night vision systems at affordable prices. The new ThOR line is rich with features and options making it the best value of any comparable system on the market. This model is lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet it’s rugged and durable.
The entire system is built in the USA, utilizing Mil-Spec Lenses that make the ThOR battle worthy for most any mission, operation, or outdoor activity. Each system features a digital menu that gives you a variety of options and adjustments allowing you to customize your system. You can select a number of reticle options as well as choose a reticle color best suited for your specific application. No more black reticles on a black and white screen – ThOR features a color OLED display giving you a sharp color reticle every time. Or switch to full color mode and overlay it with either a black, red, blue, white or black reticle depending on the conditions and the environment.
Ever have problems with a scope not being able to hold zero? The ThOR has no screws or springs that can create targeting errors. With all digital controls, the ThOR will NEVER allow your reticle to move off base.
The new ThOR Thermal Weapon Scope provides amazing image quality through total darkness, fog, or smoke. Darkness, camouflage or bright lights will not affect the sensitivity of these units. All units have feature E-Zoom to expand your optical magnification. They’re Ideal for nighttime hunting, force protection, border patrol, police SWAT and special operations. And they feature a video-out connection and cable which will let you capture your nighttime operation on video. These units are priced like no other thermal devices in their class – as much as half of what you would expect to pay! No other product is comparable in value or price. The ATN ThOR functions equally well as a weapon scope or a handheld viewer. Once you experience Digital Thermal you may not want to use anything else again!

What's In The Box
Warranty Card
Instruction Manual
Lens Tissue
Three Lithium Batteries (CR123A)
Mil-Spec Hard Case
Optical Magnification 5 X
Field of View 6° x 4.7°
Sensor (microbolometer) 640 x 512 px
Frame Rate 30 Hz
Spectral Response 7 - 14 ?m
Display Color OLED matrix, SVGA< 800x600, Color background + color reticules/800 x 600
Type Uncooled
Material Vanadium oxide (VOx)
Video Output Yes
Thermal Sensitivity < 50 mK
Lens System 100 mm
Eye Relief 65 mm
E-Zoom 10x, 20x, 40x
Diopter Adjustment -6 to +2
Distance of the human detection 2500 m
Distance of the human recognition 1100 m
Distance of the human identification 600 m
Distance of the vehicle detection 5000 m
Distance of the vehicle recognition 2200 m
Distance of the vehicle identification 1400 m
Reticle No/Multiple Reticles to Choose From
Reticle Color Red, Green, Blue, White & Black
Polarity Control White hot / Black hot / Multiple Color Modes
Start up Time < 3 sec
Environmental Rating Waterproof / Dustproof
Battery Type 3 x 3V (CR123A)
Battery Life 8+ hours
Weapon mountable No
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Iconology Quick access, Icon driven feature controls
Dimensions 10.3" x 3.7" x 2.87"/262 mm x 94 mm x 73 mm
Weight 3.1 lbs
Weight kg 1.4 kg
Brightness Adjustment Manual
Sharpness Adjustment Automatic
Mounting Bracket MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny (Quick)
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