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The ATN X-Spotter spotting scope is the most technologically advanced and user friendly spotting scope on the market. It runs on the same obsidian platform as all ATN Smart HD Optics scopes do, being able to run features and perform functions that you couldn't even dream of doing on other scopes. Despite being one of the longest range and highest definition digital spotting scopes available on the market, the X-Spotter produces elite performance without breaking the bank.

The functionality of the X-Spotter is huge. It is able to apply itself to many different types of situations and purposes. For example, it has three different modes: Day time, night vision, and black and white night vision. This allows your scope to switch modes depending on the situation, and in the case of night, or any other situation that would require night vision, gives you the option to switch between two different color modes for your viewing pleasure.

In addition to its viewing modes and application suite, the X-Spotter excels in standard long range viewing, the way traditional spotting scopes are used. The X-Spotters range reaches a whopping 80x magnification, and it uses the smooth E-zoom featured in all devices within the Smart-HD optics line of devices, allowing you to seamlessly zoom in and out, without the jumps in magnification found on variable zoom scopes.

It also features built in Bluetooth, Wifi, which allow it to connect to the ATN X-Trac. This device allows you to control your scope remotely, making the smart range finder and ballistics calculator even easier to use. Wifi connectivity and the micro SD slot built into the device make exporting videos and images, as well as viewing them on a tablet or Smartphone, a breeze.

All this together makes this device the best for a variety of applications, beyond just what you would expect from a traditional spotting scope. For example, this device is excellent for calculating golf ranges, as well as for bird watching. In addition, this device excels at traditional tasks, such as for hunting and other shooting applications, including night time hunting and shooting due to its two modes of night vision.