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ATN Customer Feedback

ATN Corp is an industry leader of Smart HD Digital Day/Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Optics. We take pride in the products we bring to market and our customers experience with the products and services we provide. We love sharing the experiences our customers have with our products and the service they receive. All comments, reviews and feedback is provided by actual verified customers. We use a 3rd party independent platform to gather reviews and feedback on orders placed with ATN. Which we are proud to share here with you.

rating based on  829 review
Great product and service
Not much to say , if you know their products then ya know they are the best
Sarah M.
Perfect add on for my
Perfect add on for my Thor 4
Sarah M.
ATN 4K Pro
We've purchased 8 of the ATN IR Scopes here at Low Country Hunting Lodge and use them on a weekly basis. Great scope for the money and great customer service.
Mike K.
First time buyer
Awesome binox. Had to stand in line to look through them the first time we went to our hunting club . Lot of people impressed just like I was. Easy to start up , firmware install was easy because ATN sent me a step by step video . I am very satisfied and I am still learning what all they can do .! I suggest you get a pair and it’s a game changer for me.
Jim B.
Great product
Great product
Aaron M.
Easy to use and compact light weight. You can see things you had no idea were out there. I am able to find all kind of critters just not the ones I am after but that is not the scopes fault. I will update later with successful photos.
Stan S.
Magnificent device, I love it.
An amazing tool for hunters.Absolutely, I would and will buy another one and recommend it. This device is exactly as advertised. You can see a man size clearly at 200 yds. Overall, a great buy if you need to find someone hiding day or night.
Simplicio R.
Abl 1000!!
Great product and awesome features!!
Nicely Done
I owned the previous version and thought those where well executed. The night vision was clear and effective. The new version is even better. The control layout is well thought out and very functional. The battery life will be super convenient. My favorite feature is the built in range finder. I am always checking the range.... just because I can. My neighbors mailbox is 142 feet away. I’m not sure what I am going to do with that information. Well done ATN.
John M.
Atn Binox 4k 4x16x optics
Atn Binox 4k 4x16x optics are fantistic and great addition to my ATN thermal scope.
Robert b.
Got the job done!
I sighted my thermal scope in at 60 yards. I used a laser in the barrel first. then shot at 30 yards. then shot at 60 yards. got it shoot good at 60 yards. now just waiting for some wild hogs to come out in front of my SPYPOINT trail camera.
Denver G.
Adds extra life even though
Adds extra life even though the 16+ hour battery life that comes in the Thor 4 is more than enough!
Derek K.
So far so good! I’m
So far so good! I’m excited about this scope and it has performed very well thus far. Thank you so much!
Nick G.
Well worth the money
Well worth the money
Richard D.
I just got my refurbished Atn 4k pro. WOW like brand new ,not a dent,scratch very clean unit. I viewed all the how to videos and figured it out in no time,even a caveman can do it. 4k pro Turns night into day Had a slight issue pairing my android to scope but it just take a bit of time to connect but works as described. We will be rocking hogs soon enough.
julius s.