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ATN Corp is an industry leader of Smart HD Digital Day/Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Optics. We take pride in the products we bring to market and our customers experience with the products and services we provide. We love sharing the experiences our customers have with our products and the service they receive. All comments, reviews and feedback is provided by actual verified customers. We use a 3rd party independent platform to gather reviews and feedback on orders placed with ATN. Which we are proud to share here with you.

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A must have with the Thor LT
This mount makes switching from one weapon to another quick and accurate. If you want to use your thermal on more than one rifle, this is the mount to get.
Terry S.
Awesome Scope
This will be a hog killer! Wish I had another - care to send me one for my buddy to use for field testing? 😀
Tom C.
Like it a lot
Like it a lot
Richard H.
ATN ballistic 1500 laser rangefinder
So far has been great Works like it’s supposed to . Can’t wait to try it with my 5 x 20 HD pro scope .
charles N.
the focus knob is very tight
John A.
Connected to scope 1st try and works great! Connected to app 1st try!
Charles S.
ATN × sight 2
Sevice is great ,I just purchased the 3×14 , I've already have the 5×20 love it had no problems what so ever with it
Gary B.
Great Scope
Cant wait for deer season
Curtis D.
ATN Xsight II factory refurb
Scope was shipped quickly and came with zero flaws. Very happy with the purchase. Can’t wait to use it
Dennis D.
Mike P.
No nicks or dings and
No nicks or dings and function is ok
Jeff B.
Great tool, fun to use.
This is my first night vision sight, and i love it so far. It is a fairly simple optic to operate, and the controls are intuitive and the menus are easy to navigate.Sight in is super simple, and much to my surprise works as advertised. If I have one complaint it would be the weight, 2.5 pounds makes for a very top heavy gun. but I knew the weight going in. I will be purchasing a newer model in the future, I have to admit I am hooked on these optics.
Laird D.
Hog slayer
Very good scope and company
Bobby R.
Awesome Unit!
This is a great product; extremely light weight, fast, and accurate. It paired via Bluetooth easily and automatically and began to work right away. The added benefit of relaying distance to my XSight 2 is incredible. Having the scope make instantaneous correction is phenomenal.
Andrew K.
Neat Idea
I really like this scope and the fact that is can be used day or night. It makes it more practical because you could use it for day hunting and predator control at night.
Otis W.