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ATN Customer Feedback

ATN Corp is an industry leader of Smart HD Digital Day/Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Optics. We take pride in the products we bring to market and our customers experience with the products and services we provide. We love sharing the experiences our customers have with our products and the service they receive. All comments, reviews and feedback is provided by actual verified customers. We use a 3rd party independent platform to gather reviews and feedback on orders placed with ATN. Which we are proud to share here with you.

rating based on  497 review
Couldn’t wait to use it once it came, went out Coyotes hunting that night after zeroing the scope which was very easy by the way. Didn’t get anything but could have gotten some raccoons and possums if I wanted to. They stood out like night and day. Love it
John H.
Thermal scope
Surpassed my expectations. Awesome piece of equipment
josh h.
Great Customer Service, Great Scope
I noticed after receiving my scope that I was inadvertently sent the 4KPRO 5-20 instead of the 4-13 that I had ordered. I called customer service and spoke to Aaron Neofotistos. He checked and acknowledged that it was their mistake and actually offered to allow me to keep the more expensive 5-20. However, for my hunting the 4-13 suits my needs best so I declined. Aaron immediately sent me a FED-X label to return the 5-20 and shipped my replacement 4-13 overnight. Could not ask for a better/fairer resolution. I have found customer service to be prompt, knowledgable and attentive. I received the new scope, have it mounted, and all set up. Just waiting for a chance to use it. Thanks Aaron and ATN.
chris h.
Better than expected
I absolutely love the clarity of the scope night and day and the battery last forever
Troy B.
Wayne W.
Compliments my ATN 4K rifle
Compliments my ATN 4K rifle scope nicely!
John S.
Great scope
Optics are clear. Great product!
William M.
X-Sight II HD 3-14 - review
what an awesome unit, i have been cleaning up the rabbit, fox and rat populations bothering my livestock - amazing night time vision and with the rapid zeroing its easy, and thanks heaps to Milen who provided super quick technical support i needed to get me started.
Excellent scope.
This is an excellent scope, only downside was that I ordered without knowing the next week ATN was going to have the price discounted...
Ryker M.
Well built
The ATN NVG-7-WPT I ordered was shipped quickly and seems to be well built. I have only had the opportunity to test inside of my home so far and it works good. Hoping to do some outdoor testing soon.
Bob H.
Quick detach scope mount
I have not yet used it in the field, but look forward to the opportunity to switch between my Ar-10 and Ar-15 while shooting.
Scott Y.
Perfect add to my thermal
Excellent quality, long battery use
humberto t.
Great Range Finder
Arrived quickly, Works great. Bounced it against my other range finder out to 400 yards and it was dead on. Ranged trees on the hill from my front porch across the state highway that i knew was beyond the limits of my old one and got 823, 947 and 1002 yards respectively. Will have to check that with targets at the range but suspect it will work perfectly.
Guy P.
Smart Technology
I love to be in trend and buy stuff with full version of features. This Monocular is definitely the one I would recommend. It works faultless, has good menu, easy and convenient. Wi-Fi connection to my smartphone is what I like most, so I can share pictures and videos with my friends. Excellent performance, surely worth the money.
Ismael N.
I just bought the ATN 1500 range finder and killed my elk the first time out using it
Randy C.