OTS-XLT 160 2-8X

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thermal rifle scope

These open box/factory refurbished units were tested and re-certified by ATN. Units may have visible scratches/blemishes on body but are certified to work as new. They come in retail packaging like new units. Three year warranty included.
love it
rating based on 53 review
love it
love it
Great thermal
Great entry level thermal I love the price and overall the scope does what it says it will do great platform as it is the same as the xsight the reason I gave it 4 stars is if the batteries are low when you shoot the recoil will shut the scope down I've noticed it seems to like the external battery better than the internal aa batteries but it gets the job done for a great price
Review ATN ThOR-HD
A good choice with modern technology. Good scope, nice feature set for the price as well, With the newly added rangefinder addon, makes it almost perfect.
Five Stars
super scope for the money! I could not be more happy with it.
Jeff B.
"In the heat of the night...."
I purchased this scope about two months ago for the primary purpose of dealing with coyotes. They were killing my farm animals and my pets. Since I put the ATN ThOR into the game plan, the problem has been brought under control. The darkness is no longer a constraint. I was able to selectively eliminate the animals that were causing the problem. Make no mistake, this is NOT a toy. It has features that leverage the latest in FLIR technology. I would highly recommend this scope to anyone looking for a competitively priced thermal scope.
Very good thermal scope
This is my first thermal scope and this thing is loaded. There are several color pallets to choose from, the recoil activated video, picture taking and the ability to stream to your phone through their app is wonderful. I currently have this item zeroed through two platforms and plan to zero this scope through another. You can switch profiles to tailor to your rifle, air rifle or you can use it as a monocular if you wish. I am happy with this product! Pros: funtional gives you an edge Cons: None Best Used for: varmint control
... few weeks ago and so far it works much better than my night scope which is not cheap also
Just got Thor HD Thermal a few weeks ago and so far it works much better than my night scope which is not cheap also. All the tabs are easy to read. Just need a little more practice to reach functions I need faster. Good birthday gift from my wife.
Mike K.
This is a great entry level Thermal Scope.
This is a great entry level Thermal Scope. I have been enjoying the features and functions. The display reminds of a pilots cockpit with all the widgets and info that you get. Very useful info when trying to stay leveled when taking a shot. The resolution is surprisingly very good for a 384. I am able to see targets very well to 200 yards and placing the shot on target is also not hard with a choice of various reticles and colors to choose from, you can configure the unit the way you like things. I also really enjoy the fact you can have different profiles to be able to put on different guns and not have to rezero. One draw back from this is that scope doesn't come with a quick detach, but I got an after market one and swaped it, not a big deal. Overall great product with a lot to offer.
Great scope. Great value
I ordered the scope last summer and had to wait about 90 days for the unit to arrive. It must certainly be a popular model as the wait was a little long. But once the unit arrived I have been nothing but happy with it. The optics are on par w other scopes of much higher price tags. Clear vision and the screens allow me to cycle through to get the best optimization of my target. The ballistics calculations make target acquisition very quick. I use it primarily for hunting hogs at night. Concealed by the shroud of darkness, I have had the opportunity to hunt these wary animals without being revealed. In short, I can see them but they cannot see me. The scope certainly takes some getting accustomed to, but once you do, the toggling between screens becomes second nature. I would recommend this scope to anyone wanting to get into the thermal imaging market. Great value. Great scope
John H.
AT THOR HD 384 1.3- 5x
Excellent optic! The detail is amazing for this entry level Thermal optic. I like all the extra features that come with this. The GPS, WIFI, Rangefinder, Compass, Ballistics Calculator! The only quirk is accessing the pictures and videos which at this time I am having difficulty accessing through the USB port. Hopefully, ATN will return my email requesting support for this I sent to them last week. I got this primarily for night-hunting hogs and predators as well as spotting areas in home that need better insulation or areas of water leaks. I am very happy with this product!! I ordered a quick release mount from American Defense Maufacturing, the AD-170, which I highly recommend, and a 1/2" 5-slot quick release riser. Pros: easy to use High quality Inexpensive
thermal vision

Detect your prey with the power of thermal. Take your shot with confidence using the help of the Smart Shooting Solution. Record everything with the press of a button and share with your friends and family.

obsidian core & ui
  • At a billion cyсles per second, the ATN Core pushes optics into the 21st century!

  • Utilizing

  • The Obsidian Core is a highly specialized computer that is designed to run a suite of sensors and crunch huge files in a blink of an eye.

  • It is easier than setting up your smartphone and just like your phone offers plenty of customization

Ballistic Calculator

Ballistic calculators were never this easy. No more charts, complex reticles, and calculators. The ATN Obsidian Shooting Solution does it all. Range in with your Smart Range Finder, enter your wind readings and let the Obsidian Core do the rest. Turn through the wind, change your incline angle, adjust distance and instantaneously your point of impact will shift to have the perfect shot every time.

  • Profiles
  • Rifle Type
    223 Remington
  • Drag Function
  • Ballistic Coefficient
  • Bullet Weight
    70 gr
  • Initial Velocity
    2850 fps
  • Zero Range
    100 yd
  • Sight Height
    1.5 in
  • Shooting Angle
  • Environment
  • Relative Humidity
  • Wind Speed
    15 mph
  • Wind Direction
  • Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
    29.92 hg
  • Altitude
    1800 ft
recoil activated video (rav)

You have more important things to worry about then remembering to press the record button before each kill shot. But boy wouldn’t it be nice to have that video afterwards? Recoil Activated Video (RAV) takes care of all your worries. Just relax and focus on your game and let the Obsidian Core do the heavy lifting.

When you set your video record to RAV, the system buffers everything your scope sees. As the trigger is pulled you are left with a full video of what you saw before the shot was taken, the moment of, and as much video after as you care for.

profile manager

Save all the ballistic and zeroing-in data in the profile manager for every weapon that you plan to use the ThOR-HD on. No worries about resetting everything up every time. Just create a new profile and you are ready to go.

smart rangefinder

Our Patent Pending Smart Range Finder will make your life easier than ever. With only two clicks and a simple shift of the scope you will be able to range your target. Once ranged in your reticle will automatically adjust its point of impact. No more guessing, chart memorization or complex calculations.

Video recording

Make capturing your experiences in stunning HD a regular part of your adventures. Don’t miss another opportunity to capture that once in a lifetime moment.

Record videos and take photos to bring your adventures back home to share with friends, family and on social media.

smooth zoom

Unlike many traditional optics, the silky smooth zoom helps you get up close and personal with everything you’re looking at.


We carefully designed our smart devices taking proper account of the interaction between them and the people that use them.

Useful features

The ThOR-HD next-gen barometer gives you precise accurate data so you can make sure everything is dialed in!


Improve ability to smoothly spot game by activating the built-in gyroscope & image stabilization! Steady your view and make the experience a lot of more fun!


The E-Compass let you know exactly what direction you need to head so you can move a little closer and get a better shot at that monster buck you’re tracking.


By utilizing the ATN Obsidian app, you can control your device and view live streaming. Connect a phone or tablet and view everything simultaneously.

Want to see what you’ve recorded so far? No problem, once connected to the app via WiFi, open up the Gallery and playback your latest adventures. All your photos and videos are right at your fingertips.

384 x 288
1.25 - 5 X
Angle of view
16 x 12.5
Objective lens
19 mm
Micro display
HD Display
ATN Obsidian "T" II
Eye relief
65 mm
IP rating
Weather resistant
Video Record Resolution
1280x960 at 30 fps
MicroSD card
From 4 to 64 GB
Micro USB
Micro HDMI
WiFi (Streaming, Gallery & Controls)
iOS & Android
GPS (Geotagging, Elevation, etc.)
3D Gyroscope
Yes - GS7
3D Accelerometer
3D Magnetometer
Smart range finder
Smart Shooting Solution
RAV (Recoil Activated Video)
Smooth Zoom
Multiple Patterns & Color Options
Picatinny, Interchangeable
Battery life (Li-ion)
8 hours
Battery type
4 AA type batteries, 1.5 V (Lithium recommended)
6.85" x 3.16" x 3.14"/174 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm
1.7 lbs
Human Detection Range
625 m
Human Recognition Range
280 m
Human Identification Range
170 m
Three years
* This product is subject to one or more of the export control laws and regulations of the U.S. Government and it falls under the control jurisdiction of either the US Department of State or the US BIS-Department of Commerce. It is unlawful and strictly prohibited to export, or attempt to export or otherwise transfer or sell any hardware or technical data or furnish any service to any foreign person, whether abroad or in the United States, for which a license or written approval of the U.S. Government is required, without first obtaining the required license or written approval from the Department of the U.S. Government having jurisdiction. For further information please contact ATN.
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