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ATN LaserBallistics 1000

digital rangefinder

Bringing you the Future Today! In our digital world why settle for anything less?

Larry T.
rating based on 9 review
All good does what they say
Larry T.
Awesome set up!
Awesome set up!
Joe O.
Great Range Finder
Arrived quickly, Works great. Bounced it against my other range finder out to 400 yards and it was dead on. Ranged trees on the hill from my front porch across the state highway that i knew was beyond the limits of my old one and got 823, 947 and 1002 yards respectively. Will have to check that with targets at the range but suspect it will work perfectly.
Guy P.
Good quality
Haven’t tested beyond 300 yards. Works well to that range only downside is wish the color could be changed to see in low light
Wayne C.
Very easy to use
I'm not a "techie" and have never owned or used a rangefinder before this purchase. Recently purchasing the X-sight 2 HD 3-14 digital scope, I watched the online videos that suggested pairing the rangefinder and apps for both units to get all the benefits they offer. After reading the Quick Start booklets I was able to easily and comfortably use the rangefinder with the scope.
Dave S.
Good Product
I am enjoying using my range finder. So far it have worked as expected. Would recommend it to a friend.
Willis H.
Works great
Works great, never shot a rifle before got my reticle on the bullseye at a thousand yards
Brian d.
It almost feels like cheating.
I bought this rangefinder to pair to my ATN XSight2 5-20x scope. The first time out to the range I pointed the rangefinder at the target, it loaded the info into my scope and the first shot hit dead center. I have this on my coyote hunting rifle, and 2 days after receiving it I dropped a yote in its tracks. I hunt them to protect my livestock, so even though it felt like cheating I know my alpacas are a little bit safer, and I can live with that.
Great Product
I very much like the range finder. So much so, that I have now purchased the 1500 yard unit. I think you could benefit if you provided a mounting stud on the right side of the unit so it could be mounted to the X-sight. I have improvised such a mount for my own use and it allows both day and night ranging.
Old M.
Never miss at any distance

Designed for Hunters and Shooters, LaserBallistics LRFs help you Shoot like a Pro!

Using Bluetooth pairs with any ATN Smart HD Scope (2nd gen or higher) for instant Point of Impact Corrections

Pairs with your phone/tablet to provide instant Turret Adjustments for your traditional Rifle Scope

smart hd channel
from target to shot in under 15 seconds with your traditional optics

step 1: pick up your laserballistics and range in the target

step 2: reticle moves to adjust for distance and environmentals, you may fire your weapon

step 3: dial in your turrets as instructed by mobile app and fire your weapon

under 5 seconds with smart hd devices

step 1: pick up your laserballistics and range in the target

step 2: distance to target appears on your smart hd device

View angle
Precision to
± 1 y/m
5-1000 y/m
Smart Phone Applications
Android or iOS
Environmental rating
Pairs with Smart HD
Obsidian II or higher
Traditional Optics Compatibility
Works with Mil and MOA scopes using ATN Ballistic Calculator App
Battery Life
6 months or 50,000 measurements
Battery type
1 x CR2 type, 3 V
4.17" x 1.38" x 2.87" / 106 x 35 x 73 mm
5.4 oz / 152 g
Two years
* This product is subject to one or more of the export control laws and regulations of the U.S. Government and it falls under the control jurisdiction of either the US Department of State or the US BIS-Department of Commerce. It is unlawful and strictly prohibited to export, or attempt to export or otherwise transfer or sell any hardware or technical data or furnish any service to any foreign person, whether abroad or in the United States, for which a license or written approval of the U.S. Government is required, without first obtaining the required license or written approval from the Department of the U.S. Government having jurisdiction. For further information please contact ATN.

now available in App Store and Google play