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ATN is recognized as an industry trail-blazer in Night Vision Rifle Scope, often simply known as Night Vision Scopes. These rifle scopes, unlike clip on systems, replace your standard day time scope transforming your weapon into a night-time monster. ATN carries and incredibly diverse lineup of the best night scopes on the market, suiting anyone's and everyone's individual needs.

ATN brand night vision scopes are guaranteed to be the most accurate scope you've ever used. With elevation and wind age adjusters, as well as ATN's best in the business image intensifier tubes, these sights provide the clearest and most accurate sight over all of their contemporaries.

ATN's highest end devices are within the Ares X-4 line. These carry the most state of the art materials and technologies ever incorporated into night vision scopes. Its gen 4 intensifier tube provides images clearer than the competition could even dream of, even those who market gen 4 scopes themselves, as their scopes quality cannot match ATN's. They also feature automatic brightness control as well as the “red on green” reticle system for easy aiming. It also features optional up to 6x magnification for high quality night vision at long range.

For those looking for quality night vision scope on a budget, ATN is proud to introduce the Aries MK series. The MK Paladin is the most compact gen 1 night vision device in existence, at less than 11 inches long. Using ATN's powerful 1st gen intensifier tube and a super fast front lens system, you can get quality compared to 2nd Gen of night vision for a price considered good even for 1st gen.

ATN's line of NV Scopes is guaranteed to have one to suit your individual need, be it military, tactical, hunting, security, or for defense use, ATN has the solution for your night vision needs.