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One of the earliest uses of night vision technology, before the idea to specialize it for other purposes, was simply to see far away thru the darkness. Night Vision Binocular is one of the oldest and most popular applications of Night Vision Technology. ATN is proud to introduce its various and specialized high quality Binoculars.

A good pair of Night Vision Binoculars are a necessity for any boater, camper, hunter, or other outdoor enthusiast. For the outdoor enthusiast who wants cost effective binoculars without sacrificing quality, ATN presents the Night Scout VX 1st generation of infrared binoculars. Featuring a long range infrared illuminator, 5x magnification, as well as two light amplification tubes to provide superior depth perception, the Night Scout VX 1st gen rivals higher generation NV devices at a price lower than most other scopes of its generation at only $500.

When performance is what you need most, ATN offers the PS15-4 fourth generation of digital waterproof Night Vision binoculars/goggles, perfect for military and law enforcement use. Combining the latest 4th generation Night vision features like filmless and gated technology, along with 60 hours of battery life for never ending Night Vision, these are the best Binoculars on the US and worlds market. With various fixed lenses also available from ATN, you can also change your viewing distance for whatever your task requires. With included head and helmet mounting kits, your binoculars can go hands free for when you need your hands for driving, shooting, or rescuing someone, or any other task, the PS15-4’s are true multi-purpose binoculars.

ATN is also proud to present its White Phosphor Technology (WPT) Night Vision Binoculars. White Phosphor Technology removes Night Vision’s signature green tint and replaces it with a much more natural looking black and white image. The black and white image allows user to view higher contrast as well as reduced eye strain when viewing through the scope for extended periods of time. ATN NVB3X-WPT binocular is of the highest grade of WPT binocular available today, in a price far lower than its counterparts.