THOR LTV 160 3-9x

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ATN Corp - Thermal Scope and Monocular Products Made in the USA

us made thermal scope and monocular

Picture this: you've been up in the deer blind for hours, and you hear that unmistakable grunt of a buck. You reach for your rifle to use the scope to locate what could be your next big trophy, only to clank it on the wall and scare the stag off. It's safe to say that we've all been in a situation like this before, and we can all admit that our arms can get a little tired from wielding a rifle for a magnified view whenever we want to scout a spot or locate a potential target. Relying solely on your rifle's scope is not only inconvenient but impractical considering there are high-quality products made in the USA that do the job much better.

So where are ATN scopes made? We specify products made in the USA because many optics manufacturers have moved their production centers to countries in East Asia that offer quicker and cheaper production but often fail to uphold quality standards. Quality is paramount when it comes to optics, scopes, and other thermal products because you're often spending hundreds of your hard-earned dollars and rely on them while in the field.

Considering how popular outsourcing production is, it can be difficult to find thermal scopes and other monocular products made in the USA. Thankfully, you've found ATN Corp. Our thermal scopes and other monocular products are made right here in America, and we have a commitment to quality that's been recognized with numerous awards. Our thermal USA made products feature the very best of thermal imaging technology, but that barely scratches the surface of what you can expect from a scope like our ATN OTS LT 160 3-6X. It has our proprietary computer technology to give you speed and high-resolution at the touch of a button, equally clear and crisp video recording, our patent pending smart rangefinder technology, and so much more. All of this, including our American made monoculars, come at a very affordable price point.

Want to learn more about our thermal USA made products and monoculars made in the USA? Contact us to speak to an expert who can direct you to an American made monocular and the scopes that can best serve your needs!

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