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ATN Smart HD Owners Group


The internet and more specifically, social media has provided us many things that brought us great enjoyment over the years. Memes, GIFs and places to connect with friends and like-minded individuals are just some of them, but let's focus on that third one for a little bit. Social Media groups have really done a lot for companies and individuals who have specific needs and goals, so it should be no surprise that ATN also has taken great interest in the social media platform and groups for numerous reasons. One we are going to focus on is the ATN Smart HD Owners group on Facebook. It is a group that is responsible for handling a wide variety of topics that have helped thousands and thousands of people from across the world in one neat little package.


ATN Smart HD Owners is the go-to place for news and information relating to the ATN Products. The owner of the group saw a need for a place where people could come to and get real help and real information relating to their ATN products, thus the group was born. I don't know about everyone else's experiences when it comes to support and customer service, but I know this group has everything. Actual ATN Customer Service reps, engineers and even the president of the company. Engineering support is also available in this group, so if technical ideas are your forte or you have a question, this is your go to place. Have an awesome video that you just captured from your first hunt? Second Hunt? Nine Hundred and thirty third hunt? This is the place for you too!


Another huge benefit that I want to talk a little more about is the troubleshooting aspect of this group. These guys and girls specialize in having extensive hands on knowledge and thousands of hours behind these products so that they can help drastically reduce your down time, answer questions that you may have about your products, show you what the product lines are capable of and to share the new and exciting things that ATN is releasing. Instead of having a problem that could require a phone call to customer service, sending your scope in to be looked at and finding out that it was something that you could have fixed yourself and then waiting for it to come back, you can generally get answers in a few minutes and in most cases, have your question/issue addressed and be back in the field in no time.

That is the beautiful thing about social media groups. You can get support from ATN, share your successes, express your concerns and contribute your innovative idea that could shape the future of the optics all in one place. Gathering people from all over the world and from all walks of life with various backgrounds and experiences together in one place so that questions, solutions, successes and information can all come together. Come join us at the ATN Smart HD Owners page and see what you've been missing!

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