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Ammo, Inc. pledges a million rounds for Ukrainian fighters

The courage displayed by Ukrainian citizens who refuse to bow and scrape towards the Russian troops that have invaded their nation has inspired many of us in the Second Amendment community to try to help them in any way we can. A prime example; NASCAR legend Richard Childress, who also serves on the board of directors for Ammo, Inc., says that the company is ready to aid the Ukrainian people in defense of their country by donating one million rounds of ammunition to

Childress said Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelenskyy caught his attention when he turned down evacuation offers to stay and fight with his people.

Last week, when Zelenskyy told American intelligence officials, "the fight is here, I need ammunition, not a ride," Childress said he heard him loud and clear.

"Let's do it, let's give them one million rounds of ammunition," Childress said of his conversation with Ammo Inc's board chairman.

... He is working with the federal government and government contractors to get the ammunition shipped out and into the hands of Ukrainians who need it.

"We haven't put the full cost to it yet but we know we can do it. We're going to do it and we're going to get it to them," Childress said. "They need 10 million rounds and hopefully, we can figure out how to get even more rounds of ammunition over there to the people of Ukraine'."

... "Stand tall and fight because that is what we would do in America if we were being overtaken," Childress said.

Besides Ammo, Inc, optics company ATN is also raising funds to support Ukrainian efforts. ATN co-founder Mark Vayn was born in Ukraine, and the company has an office in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa. Vayn and co-founder James Munn have posted an appeal to customers on their website, and have so far raised almost $150,000 to aid in the fight.

Over the past 3 days our team has worked tirelessly to get as many of our staff and their families to either our office in Bulgaria or to a safe place in the mountains far from the fighting. Now however, we are focused on bringing desperately needed supplies in to help Ukrainians fight. There are so many who have volunteered and are ready to fight to the end it makes your heart weep. Many have nothing more than a rifle with a few bullets. We want to help and fortunately we can do this NOW!!!!

We have staff on the ground near the border and in Bulgaria and are able to bring shipments in quickly through the Ukrainian borders where they are met by volunteers to drive the goods into the fighting zones.

We are donating our own money and are reaching out to our friends and community for help. And for the first time we are asking you, our customers, to do what you can.

Our politicians talk a lot but in the end no one is helping Ukraine but Ukrainians!!! A lot of hot air being pushed around by political windbags will do very little.

Ukraine is fighting both a foreign invasion and, in a real sense, a delayed war of independence. Thirty years after the demise of the Soviet Union and the establishment of Ukraine as a sovereign nation, Vladimir Putin has unleashed intolerable acts of aggression designed to "restore" Ukraine's status as a vassal state in a larger Russian empire, but the resilience and defiance of the Ukrainian people have so far kept them in the fight, and I'm glad to see Second Amendment supporters here step up to back those armed citizens who are desperately fighting for their freedom in the streets of Kyiv, Kherson, Mariupol, and other cities, towns, and villages under assault by Russian forces.


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