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Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing Thermal Weapon Sights

about purchasing thermal scope

Thermal weapon sights have come a long way in recent years, and there are numerous features available that can positively enhance your hunting experience. If you're new to thermal weapon sights or if you're in the market for a military thermal weapon sight or thermal imaging sensor, this guide will help you choose the functions that matter most to your setup.

Things to Consider in Your Scope

There's a lot of technology packed into thermal imaging devices that enable you to aim and shoot accurately based on the heat of your target. They're built tough, too, and can withstand both water and heavy recoil. That said, which considerations should you make when shopping for your next thermal weapon or military thermal weapon sight?


All thermal weapon sights come with fixed base magnification that enables you to use digital zoom to zoom in on your target, which can provide a larger view by stretching the pixels on the display. The more you zoom, the lower the resolution, however, so be sure to pay attention to how zoom may affect your ability to distinguish your target from a distance.

Resolution of the Scope and Sensor

A higher resolution thermal imaging sensor provides a crisp, clear image of what is in front of you, though lower resolution models may be adequate depending on your style of hunting. Either way, resolution isn't something to sweep over without giving it some thought.

Scope Detection and Recognition Range

Where do you hunt the most? When choosing a recognition range, consider your environment and the animals you're targeting. For long-range shooting, you'll want to look at thermal weapon sights that use a larger lens to detect heat at longer distances. If you're hunting in wooded areas, a shorter recognition range will provide a larger field of view.

Frame Rate

Remember, not all targets are stationary! Choosing a standard or military thermal weapon sight with a higher refresh rate will enable you to keep up with fast-moving animals. The higher the frame rate is, the less delay there will be in your sight.

Lens Diameter

If you're using a thermal imaging sensor with a smaller lens, you can expect that the picture will be smaller and darker. This may suit your needs (and your budget), but increasing the size of your lens will transmit more light and produce a larger and brighter image. Naturally, larger lenses are more expensive, but they may be worth the investment in order to provide increased shooting accuracy.

Battery Life

Standard thermal weapon sights use batteries that will last between 3-4 hours, but that doesn't mean that you're limited to just a few hours of fun. Many standard and military thermal weapon sight models are equipped with a USB port so that you can connect to external power and keep them going indefinitely.

Why Choose ATN Corp?

Thanks to the innovative technology within, thermal weapon sights are a serious investment, so it's important to consider how the features of your device will perform depending on your style of hunting. At ATN Corp, our ThOR models come with a 3-year warranty to ensure that you can get the most out of your sight, and they can accommodate a broad range of applications to help you see clearly in fog, smoke, or even total darkness. Order your standard or military thermal weapon sight today to enhance your hunting experience!

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