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Advantages and Benefits to ATN Optics

By: Gene Wisnewski AKA The Mailman

Before I started hunting with ATN Optics, hunting was more of an in the moment type of endeavor, however, since I started using ATN optics, now those moments can be relived and shared time and time again. This is just one of the many advantages to using ATN optics that I find to be extremely beneficial. Let's just look at a few more of the advantages and benefits of hunting with and using products in the ATN Smart HD Optics lineup.


Video recording is one of the main benefits to using ATN Smart HD Optics that I have found. Since I live five hundred miles away from my hometown where I grew up, ATN optic's recording capabilities have allowed me to share my hunts with friends and family that still live back there. ATN videos not only help me showcase the hunting in my new home state, but it also allows me to relive the past hunts whenever I wish. As my son got older and started to come along with me on hunts, we could record his first hog, coyote and buck harvests. This allowed us to able to share these hunts on social media and capture moments he will always cherish long after I am gone. The videos of our hunts have inspired my first grandson to the great outdoors where our ATN optics will capture many of his firsts in the field as well. We can relive past hunts again and again as memories with both friends and family, because these special moments are the foundation of why we share this time in the field with those family and friends.

ATN recording and WiFi capabilities have also allowed disabled hunters, veterans and new hunters to come along with us into the field and capture these special moments. Wifi technology in the ATN optics allows the user to stream the scope view to a tablet or smartphone, which has given me the opportunity to guide individuals that cannot use traditional glass scopes. Many parents also use ATN's technology to see precisely what a junior shooter is seeing in their optic, which allows them to guide them on safe shooting habits and acquiring their target. Live streaming to a tablet or smart-phone has changed the make-up of hunting all together as both parties can view the picture through the optic at the same time. The gallery feature in the menu adds another facet, since it has been key in the recovery process as the videos in the gallery can be viewed after a shot for assistance in recovery. For those times where you question that shot placement or if you thought that big buck or hog went down, you can now instantly play back the videos and pause it, just to make sure! The high definition video capability of the ATN Optics has made this possible and ATN has been the industry leader in developing ways to make video capabilities the future of optics.

Time Afield

Most hunters start out early on as daylight hunters chasing a variety of game in the field. Hunters would look forward to starts of a variety of seasons all year long. The night was usually reserved for raccoon hunters for only a short time of the year, but not anymore. Night vision and thermal technology has changed all of that and many more people are able to enjoy the outdoors for many more hours and days through-out the year. ATN optics have been critical in allowing hunters to hunt invasive species of animals 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in states the Departments of Natural Resources allow. Hog and coyote populations exploded and regulations are constantly changing to allow hunters with optics such as ATN's to enjoy many more hours and days afield. Thanks to the technological advances as well as producing a product at a very affordable price point, those hunting endeavors you never want to end, well now they don't have to! Scouting trips for deer and turkey have now been turned into coyote and pig hunts because of these changes that open more opportunities for sportsmen and women.

Land Access

As hunters begin to become more and more successful with harvesting invasive species that cost landowners time and money, land access becomes much easier. The previously mentioned videos have helped hunters to build a portfolio of documenting invasive species populations and demonstrate safe shooting habits to present to prospective new landowners. This not only shows the capabilities of the optics, but also the sportsman to be able to handle the job at hand. Traditional daylight hunters that find it difficult to obtain new property, often do not have the advantage of being able to effectively produce on invasive species causing damage to land. My ATN optics have been crucial in obtaining properties with damage from invasive species, which in turn has allowed me more opportunities to hunt the traditional daylight species.


ATN Smart HD Optics has also afforded me many opportunities once I started using them. The ATN Binox HD units created a unique opportunity at my son's high school as I recorded his first games as a player. The coaches at the high school viewed videos of my son that I had posted on social media and approached me about recording all the football teams from freshman to varsity. I now travel with the teams and sit atop the stadium of every game for the Hillcrest Rams. The exposure that the video is capable of with ATN Smart HD Optics will open doors into areas you never imagined. The outdoor industry relies heavily on videos of their products being used and being successful in the field. Since ATN is the future of optics, this afforded me outstanding footage and the distinct honor of representing ATN as a Brand Ambassador. ATN optics have many uses that can even feature other products that are being used to be more successful in the field.

The use of ATN products nearly three years ago changed my life and these are just a few of the advantages and benefits to using ATN.

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