For over 18 years, ATN has been a leader in designing state of the art thermal vision devices. Since their inception, thermal vision devices have undergone huge technological advancements, taking place in everything from binoculars, to scopes, to goggles, to name a few. ATN's recent installment in the Thermal vision world takes the class to a whole new level.

Combining high quality thermal vision with an extremely powerful computer, the TASC (thermal acquisition security camera) provides state of the art security to any situation. Using ATN's exceptional quality Thermal Security Camera, the TASC series provides security and peace of mind to any area, indoor and out, at night and during the day, and also rain or shine thanks to its IP66 waterproof casing.

The TASC security system also features top of the line analytics built right in, allowing your camera to perform functions that previously required a complicated and expensive setup requiring multiple products. With functions such as speed measurement, which can make your camera act like a speed radar, as well as «Clean Zone» solutions, which allow you to receive alerts/set alarms whenever objects within it go over a certain speed.

The ATN Thermal Security Camera also has features to help track objects and people within it. It can track the path of objects such as cars as well as people within it, and in addition track anything dropped by people within it, known as dropped objects detection.

The thermal camera is also loaded with plenty of features geared towards security and trespassing through the employment of virtual «Trip Wires» which set off an alert when triggered by another objects' moving over/through it.

In addition it comes loaded with Loitering detection which can track when an object has extended its welcome within a given area, as well as track how long objects have been within an area.

For anyone or any organization interested in serious security for themselves ATN's thermal surveillance camera system, the TASC security camera system is the choice for daytime and night time surveillance.