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THE BEST Night Vision for Your Money | ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14x Review
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4MR Ranch https://goo.gl/ccszL8 In depth review of the ATN X-SIGHT II HD 3-14x. To Skip to certain features: Whats included: 0:40 Zeroing: 2:58 Night Performance Testing: 4:40 Daytime Recording: 6:14 Setting menu: 6:46 Mobile Device Streaming 7:32 Rangefinder: 9:48 Day/Night Mode: 10:25 Ballistic Drop Calculator: 10:53 Battery Life: 11:54 My suggested setup: 12:40 ***EDIT ON THE RANGEFINDER*** I failed to mention you need to know the approximate size of your target for the scope to calculate distance. There is a list of preset averages for different animal types to assist you with this already ready to go within the scope.

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