Thermal Rifle Scope THOR

ATN's Thermal weapon scopes are some of the best Thermal scopes on the market. ATN has always been on the forefront of thermal technology, all the way from the industry's inception. Our thermal vision scopes have a time proven reputation as one of the top quality, easiest to use, and most cost efficient scopes on the market. The ThOR series of thermal rifle scopes continues this long tradition of quality and affordability.

The ThOR series of scopes all share some unique and helpful features. All ThOR Infrared scopes feature easy to use controls on the top of the scope. Composed of only a few buttons, these controls are both effective and intuitive. In addition, these Thermal Scopes feature a variety of software features which improve the scopes performance and allow it to be more useful to the user. These include multiple color modes, as well as 5 different choices of reticle shape, and the ability to choose a reticle color, all of these easy to switch with just a few button presses.

Why should you buy a Thermal Scope when earlier generation night vision scopes tend to be cheaper? Because, thermal scopes achieve a multitude of applications and purposes that night vision simply cannot achieve. Thermal scopes simply illuminate what's in front of you all equally, thermal vision uses infra red light and heat to bring out and illuminate only your targets, as well as anything else giving off heat, like a car engine, a deer, or a person. This allows for finding a target at night easier, making this the Ideal scope for all sorts of purposes, from security, to surveillance, hunting, to search and rescue, and more.