ATN Javelin J125W

Weapon Mounted Flashlight

Weapon Mounted Flashlight - ATN Javelin J125W

  • Powerful 200 lumens
  • Aircraft grage aluminum
  • Pressure switch for Momentary on
  • LED bulb systems
  • Flawless white beam
  • Anti shock bulb system
  • Striking/defensive bezel
  • Picatinny weapon mount
  • Remote control
  • Limited one-year warranty
Item # FLJ125W

The ATN Javelin Series J125W Tactical Flashlight can be carried by hand or attached to a weapon by a mount. This device is suitable for SWAT team missions or by users during aggressive sports. The J125W has a modular bezel in front, which can be used as an attacking bezel by Law Enforcement personnel or as a defensive tool. It can also be used as a powerful defensive flashlight. In a dark atmosphere, if a suspect or attacker is afflicted by the 200 lumens of the J125W flashlight, they will experience 10 seconds of transient blindness. Law Enforcement personnel can use the high light and bezel as an advantage during close quarter combat. The J125W is an anti-shock flashlight. It has a shockproof lamp assembly with triple anti-shock springs that can endure the repeated recoil of large caliber weapons. This helps prevent damages to the lamp and prevents the reduction of the lamp life.

Export Available - Licensing may be required

Model J125
Material Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminium
Power in Lumens 200
Lamp Type LED
Weapon mount Picatiny/standard weaver
Power Supply 3x3V CR123A
Lithium battery
Length 145 mm / 57"
Weight 230 g / 8.1 oz
Color Black
Warranty 1 year


  • Lens Tissue Lens Tissue
  • Warranty card Warranty card
  • 3 batteries CR123A type 3 batteries CR123A type
  • Instruction Manual Instruction Manual
  • Remote Control Unit Remote Control Unit
  • Packing box Packing box
  • Specification Sheet 354.2 KB (17.12.2013 update) Download
  • User guide 233.7 KB (17.12.2013 update) Download
  • Full Information Package 484.3 KB (06.06.2014 update) Download