Smart Total Darkness Technology finally provides the user total control in the hi-tech industry of Night Vision. The Smart Series Night Vision Scopes have been designed according to the latest computer technology. This technology consists of a computerized proximity sensor, digital controls and a long-range Infrared Illuminator.

Onboard computer systems identify the users intention of looking through the scope. When the scope is brought to the user's eye, it automatically turns on. When removed from the eye, the scope turns off (you must engage the proximity sensor for this feature to work). The user will never have to worry about turning his or her scope on or off. Smart series scopes automatically sense when they are no longer used and will shut off and enter their sleep mode.

All the controls and buttons are digital. Even if your batteries are low, don't worry the Smart Series will let you know. Our smart scopes have a 3-button digital control panel that allows the user to easily engage the main power, Infrared Illuminator and the proximity sensor. Color coded LEDs let you know the mode of operation you are using.

The low battery indicator is another feature that is programmed into your "Smart" scope. If the batteries start losing voltage LED indicator will start to pulse, it is time to change your batteries.